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Online Reputation Crisis Management Strategies

Challenges are inevitable in the business world. And, for a company to be successful there has to be an effective crisis management strategy in place. The same applies for online reputation. As the world of business becomes more and more digitized, it has become essential to have to maintain a good online reputation. But, sometimes it slips our hands and an attack on our brand is made. At such time, a business will only survive if it had a good strategy to defend its brand. Here are some strategies that could be used to handle an online reputation management crisis.

Gather Facts

Before you can even think of responding to a crisis, it is important that you take time to get the facts rights. This is never a waste of time, explains IC Media Direct Reviews. Rather, it prepares you to have the right response for your audience. Taking your time does not mean that you are not responsive. Rather, it means that you are finding a strategy that will solve the crisis once and for all so that you will not end up contradicting yourself.

Have A Response Plan

Not all businesses think of formulating a plan to deal with online reputation crisis. Most just assume that everything will be okay as long as they are doing right by their clients. They assume that then, nothing could go wrong. But the truth is, online reputation crisis happens when least expected. And, if one has a plan, it can be handled smoothly. Therefore, strive to have built a team that will handle online reputation crisis. Also, plan for a communication channel to be used and the team that will do the update. Importantly, have a plan B, in case your response team isn’t available.


It is important that you respond quickly. But, you have to wait until you have gotten all the facts. Getting the facts first, will ensure that you are not shaken in your argument. And, when responding, ensure that you do not argue on complaint threads. Also, don’t try to delete comments or block clients just because they made their comments.