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Celebrity is as Celebrity does


Everyone loves celebrities. We follow them in tabloids and are always curious what they are doing. This includes when one of our favorites passes away. A recent fan favorite of the Stars Trek universe passed away in 2015. An example of the best of old famous people, Leonard Nimoy, age 83 who played the famous role of Mr. Spock on Star Trek had a very private Jewish funeral attended by close friends and family. Nimoy had a solid television and film career playing the role of Spock, even reprising the role in resent years as studios relaunched Star Trek.  Leonard would also have one of the most prominent celebrity funerals.


Another celebrity famous for roles in westerns, and more recently as a director, Clint Eastwood, a famous ISTJ, may not be far behind. The famous Dirty Harry star is now 86 years old and it would not be hard to believe that he may not be around in ten years. We sure would miss his “talking to an empty chair” humor. It’s sad to see talented celebrities go because we will no longer be able to enjoy new works of art from them.


Even though we sometimes lose good celebrities, there are still those who really brought their craft to life by fully engaging in their roles. In this case, celebrities who actually may have done the deed while filming. One such couple rumored to have been engaging in the act while shooting the film Factory Girl were Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller. Though both actors deny the rumor, you can’t deny their on film chemistry and very realistic reactions during love scenes.



Why Doe Deere is Rising in the Makeup Industry

When it comes to your cosmetics, you probably know that the vast majority of makeup products are plain-looking and all come in about the same colors. This can be an issue when you are trying to try something brand new. This is why a lot of people are choosing to go with Doe Deere’s makeup brand known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is totally different from anything you have ever used before because of the fact that its products are ideal for all types of women looking to make a change with their look.

What sets Doe Deere apart from other cosmetic designers is that she has taken it into her own two hands to change the world of makeup. This includes offering some of the biggest and best products that you will find to be highly beneficial. If this has been something you are looking into for yourself, Lime Crime is one of the best beauty brands out there. Their products come in many different types and styles, making it easy for you to choose something that is ideal for your own needs.

Once you make the decision to go with Doe Deere’s brand, you will want to look at the variety of different items available to you and buy what you need. Lots of people have been finding it beneficial to also look on social media at anything related to Lime Crime just because this gives them a reason to look into something that is right for them. Once you make the decision to go with Doe Deere’s brand, you will feel confident in knowing that you have decided on something that is perfect for your cosmetic needs. This is a great time for you to try something brand new and see if it is going to be working for you.

There are lots of products within the Lime Crime brand and this is why a lot of people choose Doe Deere’s brand for what they are looking to achieve with their look. Bright lipsticks and amazing eye shadow colors make this brand one of the best out there and it is why a lot of people have chosen it for themselves. There are so many reasons for you to consider this as an option and you will want to visit Doe Deere’s website to see which products are available and which ones are going to be right for your own individual needs. Make sure that you look into the brand and know that it is going to be the ideal match for your makeup needs and then decide if you want to purchase it all on the Internet or from one of your local stores that sells the brand.

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Doe Deere, Cosmetics Creator

Back in 2007/2008, a young creative spirit named Doe Deere of decided that the time had come to launch her own line of boldly colorful cosmetics. Deere had a hunch that a lot of women out there were looking for a fabulously bold line of makeup that had a much more vibrant and edgy, almost theatrical feel to it than the big brand makeup brands out there. The brand she came up with is Lime Crime, and today, this notion of a wildly colorful style of makeup is catching on in a big way.


Before she launched the Lime Crime makeup brand, Deere first established an online clothing company through an eBay account. Her experience creating clothing made her aware of how difficult it could be to find materials in bold colors. That experience lead directly to her innovations in cosmetics, as she realized the only way she could get the makeup colors she really desired was by mixing them herself.


One of the major innovations Deere achieved by created the Lime Crime cosmetics brand is in creating the very first “liquid to matte” lip color product. Deere worked for months with a chemist to develop the Velvetines lipstick line, working out the glossy to matte texture and ensuring that it could really stay on and keep its color without becoming crumbly. The hard work in the lab paid off, with the innovative new product having a lot of impact. Doe Deere is also proud that Velvetines are fully certified as a vegan, cruelty-free product.


Behind all the innovation involved in the development of Lime Crime’s products is the idea that many women who have a boldly creative spirit also like to wear makeup that conveys that unique quality. As Deere puts it, Lime Crime lipstick is one that makes a statement. The statement behind these products is all about standing out, looking vibrant and unafraid to really be beautiful and truly unique. It’s this vibe, plus the brand’s unique packaging, colors and the whimsical feel that have made it catch on.

Along with the popular Velvetines lip color, Lime Crime also offers Unicorn Lipstick, which comes in a broad range of electric colors. These lipsticks go on matte and look smooth, silky and incredibly kissable. The colors really rock, with a range of hues that goes from bold electric blue to very hot pink, purple, mushroom gray, wild orange and even yellow. No, these aren’t lipsticks that are meant to be worn by shy little flowers who don’t want to be noticed. On the contrary these lipsticks, like all of Lime Crime’s products, are for women who want to be heard, and want their beauty to be noticed.

If they keep wearing Lime Crime cosmetics, there’s no doubt that will happen.

FreedomPop Wireless and Other Mobile Wireless Services

Cell phone bills have become astronomical in price since companies have been adding more features to their plans. It also has become a major expense to use the internet, especially if you need a hotspot to use with other equipment like your table, laptop, or home computer. People are constantly shopping for a much better deal and of course every company is competing with all the others to offer better prices and better deals. You are spending money to buy the phones, get insurance, have additional talk time, texts, and of course data. The more you use the higher the bill goes, then you may have to purchase extra which is really high. Well now there is a company who feels your pain and is offering some of the best deals around. There are called FreedomPop.

There is now a cell phone service that gives away free text, talk, and data. Yes, I said FREE! Who does that you want to know? FreedomPop does! FreedomPop has a great new concept for their customers, they are giving away 200 free texts, 200 free minutes of talk, and 200 mb of free data when you sign up as a new customer. If you need more than the basic plan, you can choose other plans with more talk minutes, texts, and data at great low rates. Why are they able to offer these great services and plans when no one else is doing it? Because unlike most other cell phone companies, they don’t have the expense of stores, and all the expenses that goes with that, they offer their services online, with customer service available online or by phone, which helps them save money, so they are able to save money and pass the savings on to their customers. FreedomPop also offers a sim-card only service to the people in the United Kingdom, you can bring your phone from your existing service and add your new sim card from FreedomPop to your existing phone.

Right now, they are offering some bonus specials to people who join FreedomPop right now, free calling to over 60 different countries all over the world. As another bonus, they are offering free talk and texting when communicating with other customers of FreedomPop, and data that you can roll over to the next month when you don’t use it. FreedomPop has a new program called Jetsetter that they will be adding on later in the year which will be offering roaming data free. Customers will be given 100 MB of high-speed data free every month that can be used in countries such as France, England, and Spain, and will be good in other countries in the future. Another new program that they are now offering is for customers that have an iPhone can get unlimited Wi-Fi for $5 per month. The plan will offer Wi-Fi with free sign on to any of their hotspots anywhere in America. More hotspots that can be accessed will be added to the program in the next 3-6 months. So far, other android phones are not included in this plan. FreedomPop also offers hotspots that can be used as portable Wi-Fi and USBs that can be used with your laptop and some tablets so that you have portable Wi-Fi wherever you want to go.

The Unique Mind of Joseph Bismark


Who could ever achieve the greatness of Joseph Bismark? I never knew of this leader before, but after reading an article about him on the blog, “We Don’t Love These Hogues,” I can say he is truly an inspirational being. Raised in the mountains of the Philippines among monks, he learned at a young age what most of us would learn later in our life. Success can be achieved by everyone. When he returned back home in Malaysia, he applied that knowledge in the business industry and eventually worked his way to do wonders. 
One of his best accomplishments was being the managing director for Qi Group. Applying his strong sense of spirituality into his work, he managed to do many things there, such as inspiring the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Qi Group. As for more modern news, the Qi Group opened a college in Malaysia called Quest International University Perak. At this astounding university, students are informed of the impacts of humans on the Earth which basically was a part of Bismark’s spiritual belief. Joseph Bismark is very different from any other everyday businessman.
Most businessmen tend to be very arrogant and egoistic, but not Bismark. He is a humble being and even as a boss, he still respects his employees. Even when they are not doing exceptional work, he encourages them to work harder to achieve almost perfection with no harsh words. As stated above, he believes everyone can reach success. 
He took his spirituality and combined it with the corporate world thus creating a powerful sense of brotherhood and humbleness. He brought uncountable businesses to follow his own beliefs and numerous people to follow in his footsteps. I believe Bismark is someone that not just businessmen, but everyone should hold in the highest esteem. He is a quintessential of how far a person can go in life by working to the best of their ability and just being optimistic.

Fashion For All

We are engaging in a new era of fashion. Not in the way we look for brand new designs or patterns, but instead in the people who wear what we create. Fashion has it’s name as exclusive, somewhat like the popular clique in High School. The non-typical body and ability type was forced to look onward downtrodden. They were destined to never have a place in the haute couture field.

This belief is now coming to an end. Liz Jackson has decided to take the world of fashion in her own hands. Diagnosed with Idiopathic Neuropathy, she’s created a movement to include the design of canes that no longer cause embarrassment for the people who have to use them. The New Yorker reported that Liz’s quest is not the only one in motion. Wheelchair design is taking the world by storm as well as covers for prosthetic legs that allow amputees to show their metal. At the New York Fashion Week, various models with all kinds of body styles were strutting down the catwalk with confidence. What was previously seen as a podium to look up to is now transforming into an inclusive place for creativity and expression which is what fashion was founded on, conveys spokesman Ricardo Guimarães BMG (

Living with a disability is nothing to become ashamed of. The new trendy developments will now lend a hand to making everyone feel in style and on top of the world.