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There’s More to Makeup than Most People Realize

Makeup is a vital part of many people’s lives. It’s fair to say that around 50% of the population as a whole will use makeup on a fairly regular basis. And within that percentage, the vast majority will actually use it every day. But for such a popular product it’s often not examined in nearly the level of detail it deserves. People often forget that makeup doesn’t simply appear on a store shelf. It’s usually the end result of a vast amount of research and work.

When companies create a new brand of makeup it can be for quite a few different reasons. And it’s often worth investigating what those reasons might be. But one of the really remarkable things is when an individual creates a new brand. It’s often quite difficult to get into the underlying reason that existing companies decide to do anything. But when a person outside the industry decides to enter into it than there’s usually something important going on.

A good example of this can be found with the Lime Crime brand of makeup. Someone coming to it today might not realize how much of a story there is there. The brand, the company, and the woman behind it all say a lot about makeup. The creator of both the brand of makeup and the company is Doe Deere. Finding the backstory for some brands of makeup can be difficult or even impossible. But this is by no means the case for Doe Deere. She’s quite open about why she changed career paths in order to focus on cosmetics. The simple fact is that she loves makeup and wasn’t able to find any brands which fit her needs.

Doe Deere was trying to combine two different worlds. She came from a background in fashion and held herself up to those ideals. But she was also involved in the strenuous world of rock and roll. She simply couldn’t find any brands of makeup that could create the presentation she needed while also being able to endure the stressful conditions of on stage performance. She simply decided then and there to learn how to create her own brand of makeup. And since doing so it’s caught on with a multitude of women who also want a high quality makeup which can stand up to almost anything. And this also shows why it’s so important to look into the history of any given brand of makeup. By understanding why a brand came into being one can better understand what it’s capable of.

Trendy Men’s Shoes For The Trendy Man

Men’s shoes have seen a huge shift in popularity in recent years. Normally for some designers, men’s italian shoes would be a second thought but that has changed drastically. Shoe designers are taking consideration into what men want for their footwear. These designers acknowledge that men want well made shoes to complement their outfits. In addition to shoe designers designing and creating shoes for their male fans, there are also other designers that do not solely focus on shoes that are making their share of shoes for men. In this current fashion climate, many designers are gearing towards trendy, luxury men’s shoes. There are a variety of trendy men’s shoes that are the talk of the town in the fashion industry.

Many of the trendy men’s shoes are dress shoes. These dress shoes are for men that usually want to wear formal clothes or business casual clothes. Some of the trendy men’s shoes include oxfords, monk straps, whole cuts and loafers. Oxfords are an extremely popular men’s shoes because it is simple yet it gives a suit or a business casual outfit a sophisticated flair. Oxfords are usually made of leather and they include thin leather laces. The front of an oxford shoe is rounded and it has a slight heel that is no higher than an inch. Oxfords usually come in black, brown and tan.

Monk straps are unique because they look like oxfords without the laces. Monk straps have two straps with buckles that holds the shoe in place. Monk straps are rounded at the top like oxfords with a slight heel. Loafers are easy men’s shoes and they can complement any business casual outfit. Loafers have soft soles and they are relatively comfy.

Paul Evans New York is a luxury men’s shoes designer that designs and manufactures shoes straight from Italy. Every shoe is handcrafted by expert cobblers in Italy with extreme care and talent. Paul Evans New York sells their shoes in stores in New York City and other places, the shoes sold include leather oxfords, leather monk straps and leather loafers. Every shoe is made with leather soles and leather uppers. Perfect shoes for the perfect man.

The 990 Company Offers Home Sellers a Way to Save Their Money

The 990 company is a real estate listing company. It offers real estate agents an opportunity to get more listings. By paying a fee of just $200 per month, agents get to reserve a ZIP code. The ZIP code gives them exclusive rights to the referrals business arising from the company’s advertising and their own marketing of the 990 opportunity in their ZIP code. Only one agent can reserve a ZIP code at a time. This means that all home sellers in the same ZIP code will only be referred to the agent.

The program attracts home sellers by offering them an option to sell their homes at a commission of just $990. However, it doesn’t mean that agents who sign up with the 990 program become discount agents. The $990 commission is only given to home sellers who are able to bring in buyers who are not working with real estate agents.

First, the agent will advertise the message “Sell your home with an experienced full service agent and a commission as low as $990,” and attach their name and phone number. Interested home sellers, excited about the $990 commission, will the call the agent. The agent will then offer the $990 sells homes opportunity alongside their full commission plan. The home owner will be allowed to host an open house. If they manage to get an interested buyer with no real estate agent, they get to enjoy the $990 commission.

This program is a win-win for the agent in many ways. Since most home buyers have real estate agents, most of the homes will be sold under the normal full commission anyway. Even when the homes do sell under the $990 commission, the home buyers that the agent gets through the home sellers are able to buy or sell their homes through that agent, therefore earning the agent a full commission.

The sellers will also be so appreciative, and may buy their next home through the same agent. They will also refer business to the agent for years. Whether the agents sell at $990 or not, they are able to acquire new listings that they never would have gotten. Those who don’t understand this model will assume that the agent is offering a discount.

Agents who reserve a ZIP code are equipped with promotional material, video training and many other resources. They, essentially, get a license to operate under the trademarked 990 program. If a consumer visits the 990 website and types their ZIP code, only the name of the agent who has reserved the ZIP code appears. The agreement only lasts for a month. If the agent decides to leave the program, they are free to cancel and not to make any other payment.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: Decidedly Different

Cosmetics have been used by men and women for over 6,000 years. To many people, they haven’t changed significantly since the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Greeks began using them all those years ago. But now comes a brand of make-up that’s decidedly different. It’s called Lime Crime has taken the world by storm. One of the things that make Lime Crime different is the color palette the brand uses. The colors are so bright they almost force people to stop and take notice. Lime Crime’s unique line of eye-shadow, rouge, lipstick, and nail polish are a sight to behold.

Many cosmetics brands create make-up designed to cover up imperfections. Not Lime Crime. Lime Crime is designed to help the wearer to express their individuality and make a statement. It’s about unapologetically living your life out loud. Lime Crime cosmetics allow people to express their personality and creativity. When you wear products in the Lime Crime line, you don’t blend in with the sheep-like masses, you stand out. The unspoken motto of the make-up seems to be ‘Wear it if you dare’.

The bold, brash colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line almost defy description. These colors must be seen to be believed. Their liquid-to-matte lipstick line called Velvetines come in colors like Rave, Faded, Shroom, Suedeberry, Utopia, Salem, Wicked, Pansy, Cashmere, and Riot. And while they look incredible, they make you feel even better. There is also unicorn lipstick, and carousel lip gloss. Their nail polish has shocking colors and mind-bending designs that are sure to turn heads. Add their Zodiac Glitter, and liquid eyeliner in colors like Lunar Sea, Blue Milk, Rhyme, and Reason, and their Venus: The Grunge Pallette rouge and blush and you can be sure all eyes will be on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

The creative force behind the Lime Crime cosmetics line is Doe Deere. She was born in Russia and raised in New York City and it shows. A former fashion model and musician, Deere’s cosmetics line entertains the wearer and the watchers. The make-up line is screamingly loud yet socially conscious. The ingredients she uses are all vegan and no animals are used in product testing. PETA and Jumping Bunny certify that. Her product line is playful, daring, and gorgeous.

A marketing genius, Deere dares to use the internet to deliver her cosmetics directly to the consumer and even posts video showing exactly how they’re made. You’ve got to check out Doe Deere’s Lime Crime.

What if makeup did more than just cover up imperfections? What if it helped you express your personality? If you like to live unapologetically, Lime Crime is for you.

We are an independent team of makeup lovers from Los Angeles, committed to producing the most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics.

Lime Crime Heads The Move Towards Independent Cosmetics Lines

Around the world the move towards the latest trends in cosmetics and makeup is taking most individuals away from the established brands and allowing them to seek out the best independent producers of cosmetics in the world. Amongst the independent producers of cosmetics that most people are searching out is the iconic Lime Crime company headed by the self styled Queen of the Unicorns, Doe Deere. Other areas that are seeing major changes in the world of cosmetics include the launching of themed lines and the import of major products by independent producers.

In New Zealand the largest independent importer of cosmetics has been purchased by a local skincare and fragrance producer in a bid to expand its reach across the country. The purchase by Trilogy is one of the largest in New Zealand’s business community and will see the cosmetics producer take a gamble on the success of its own products positioned alongside those from some of the world’s most impressive and respected cosmetics producers. The Trilogy deal shows how the world of cosmetics is changing for the majority of companies, which will also see those classed as independent producers grow to become some of the most important cosmetics companies in the 21st century.

In the US, the American dream is alive and well in the hands of the now iconic Lime crime brand, which has seen a large amount of growth since the company switched from designing clothes to producing their own cosmetics. The brand has made its name with a bold approach to color and production values that sees the marketing and research of products performed entirely under the watchful eye of CEO Doe Deere. The Russian born executive and cosmetics expert still finds the time to work on the new products of Lime Crime to make sure the company remains true to itself and maintains the values she stands for.

Lime Crime is moving to the head of the cosmetics industry as people from each gender are searching out innovative and different products that reflect their own personality. Major companies are introducing themed lines with the backing of popular culture figures, but the arrival of independent producers will push the boundaries of cosmetics in the future and drive the direction taken by the major producers over the rest of the decade.

Doe Deere: What’s She Reall All About?

There’s been a lot of talk about Doe Deere lately, for several reasons. Deere has a line of cosmetics called Lime Crime, which is filled with bright colors and comes in sparkling pink packaging. It’s the ideal makeup line for women who are whimsical and not afraid to show their daring side when it comes to makeup,

However, in addition to being a cosmetics businesswoman, Doe Deere has also been viewed pretty critically by some online observers. In the midst of being accused of being insincere in her business practices, she’s maintained a positive attitude. Deere also has something interesting going on with her hair most days, so in addition to her makeup, you may be inspired to mimic some of her colorful tresses too.

Once you purchase makeup from the Lime Crime line, you can refer to Doe Deere’s online tutorials to learn how to apply your makeup like an expert. For instance, there’s a lip noir tutorial that teaches you how to put on burgundy lipstick in a way that will make your look sultry and sophisticated, which is perfect for a night out. Or, you can get the tips you need for the perfect cat eye, so you can bring more attention to the top half of your face if you prefer a nude lip. Doe Deere also provides great tips for putting eyeshadow on in a way that makes your eyes pop while you show off the brilliant color of the makeup.

In order to keep your makeup look intact throughout the day, it’s best to choose a primer that will work best for your skin. Primers keep the colors of your foundation and eye makeup looking their best for hours at a time. Before putting any of your makeup on, be sure to apply primer liberally to make fine lines smoother and give you a flawless look throughout the day.

It’s also important to note that Lime Crime is a cruelty-free makeup line, which means that you won’t be using any harsh chemicals on your face. Some of the common chemicals in makeup can cause allergies and hormone disruption, but you won’t have to worry about any of that with Lime Crime. The makeup line has also been vegan since 2012.

Whether you wear makeup every day or only try it for special occasions, Doe Deere’s makeup can provide you with the inspiration you need to get a little more creative with your look.

Men’s Luxury Shoes Set New Fashion Trends

From athletic shoes to hiking boots to the upscale dress shoe, polls show that men, on average, own 12 pairs of shoes at any one time. A new trend in men’s fashion is to upscale that special pair of dress shoes into luxury levels never seen before.
The phrase ‘dress for success’ has never been more evident than in today’s business world. An elegant pair of italian shoes has become a man’s status symbol right alongside the Rolex watch, the luxury car, and the Armani suit.
Men’s luxury shoes can sell for well beyond $2,000. However,for the more practical man of means looking for stylish, elegantly made shoes to fit his stature in life, there are a number of luxury brand shoes in the $400-$800 range and up.
Four major factors affect the cost of men’s luxury shoes; material, style, craftsmanship, and comfort.
Quality and availability dictate the price of shoe leather. Because of the exquisite and rare material they’re made from, shoes like Salvatore Ferragamo Python loafers go for $975, and a pair of New & Lingwood Russian calf shoes sell for up to $1,500.
Fine craftsmanship is the hallmark of any luxury shoe. Italy seems to harbor most of the great shoe makers of today. Steeped in generations of family cobblers and fine shoemakers, the tradition of quality and pride in workmanship carries on.
Style is a major factor for men in deciding which shoe to buy. Thankfully, today’s luxury shoe lines have never looked better in stylistic terms of shape, leather colors, and pure elegance.
A pair of $1,000 shoes may look spectacular, but if they aren’t comfortable and don’t feel good on the foot, they’re worth zero. Some of the high-end manufactures custom fit shoes for each customer. All of them strive to provide as comfortable a shoe as possible.
Two men from New York City, Ben Earley and Evan Pirpt, saw this trend toward upscale shoes coming and set off for Italy to establish their own shoe line. They recognized many high-priced men’s shoes were uninspiring, displayed shoddy if not heartless workmanship, and were made of leathers designed simply to protect the foot rather than give the shoe style. Their shoe brand, Paul Evans, was designed to overcome all of those issues.
Beyond making a better and more stylish line of men’s shoes, they also decided to sell and deliver their shoes directly to the consumer. No middleman markups. No cost of expensive retail space or sales personnel. By using only the power of the Internet with a motto ‘from our hands to yours,’ they have created a successful line of men’s luxury shoes using the finest of Italian calfskin leather and workmanship at decent prices.

Lime Crime Has Changed the Way I Wear Makeup

I have never been a makeup person, for most of my high school years I didn’t even wear lip gloss. The older I got, the more I began to show an interest in makeup, mostly nude colors and sheer lip glosses. Now I am experimenting, and pushing the limits just a little with more confidence. I’m not afraid of brighter colors, or eye shadow that makes my eyes pop. There has been a shift in what I crave creatively when it comes to makeup recently, and I can definitely say that since my early days. I have become very attracted to makeup that leaves me, and everyone around me speechless.

Normally I could get my makeup fix at the mall, but I noticed that the more I dabbled in the makeup world the less I was able to get what I needed from department stores. I started looking into shops that provided theater makeup, but before I knew it I was reaching another roadblock, and also finding issues with my spending. Finally I got tired of searching high and low for makeup that I would never find, I went online and did a last resort Google search and that’s where I found Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is an online makeup retailer, that offers cruelty free makeup at an affordable price. When I found Lime Crime, I immediately learned that there was a market for the colors that I’d been searching for. I was blown away by the selection of colors and the whimsical packaging, everything about Lime Crime drew me in. The cosmetics were so affordable that I was able to rack up without going broke, I even took a chance on some bold lipsticks just for fun. I was like a child in a candy store scrolling the site, and everything I wanted was literally at my finger tips.

Now that I have a place to get all of the bright and daring colors I need, can spend my weekends recreating makeup tutorials, and even creating a few of my very own. I never feel limited in my selection, and I own that to Lime Crime. I can truly say that the sky is the limit for me when it comes to my makeup creativity, and because of Lime Crime everyone wants me to teach them my makeup tricks and tell them where I get all of my makeup goodies.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that doesn’t make makeup for women to hide their blemishes and flaws, Lime Crime is meant to inspire women to dare to be noticed. As a former wallflower, I believe that Lime Crime has changed my life and the way I use makeup forever.

Paul Evans Has Pride In Their Shoes

Paul Evans menswear is a company with one basic goal. They want you to look good. It’s simple but is there really a better goal of a company? After all, looking good is the main thing that we have on our mind when we are getting dressed. People often judge someone on their appearance. The first thing that they notice is their clothes. People should look fancy, put together, and clean. Sometimes people need a little help finding outfits that look good and outfits that make them stand apart. It’s important to look good at work, for interviews, dates, going out, and just about anything! That’s where Paul Evans steps in. They’re in the business to make you look real good.

Let’s talk about shoes because that’s what Paul Evans is known for the most. This is because they understand how important it is for someone to have a good quality pair of leather shoes in their life. Shoes really tie a whole outfit together. That’s why there is a phrase that says “dressed head to toe.” If a person looks nice but doesn’t have nice shows then it ruins the whole outfit. Trust me, people notice the shoes. A good pair of shoes really says a lot about a persons character. It says they care about their appearance.

Paul Evans has handcrafted Italian leather shoes. These are shoes that you can really be proud of having on your feet. That’s because these aren’t some cheap shoes that are mass produced in a factory. They are one of a kind shoes that were made by an individual in Italy. These are shoes that somebody put their time and pride into. These are shoes that have a history behind them. Paul Evans creates shoes for special occasion as well as everyday life. They create stylish ones that are still comfortable. They come in a variety of colors to suit an individuals needs. There are brown, black, and even blue shoes! Paul Evans sells boots, sneakers, loafers, and other varieties as well.

Overall, these shoes are the highest quality. It’s shoes that are crafted to look stylish and to last for a long time. These are shoes that were crafted to look good. They’re not shoes that were mass produced for a profit. That’s not the goal of Paul Evans. They want you to look good. To further complete your outfit, Paul Evans also sells some very stylish bags and belts. They are the accessories that are the perfect compliment to your new shoes. All together, Paul Evans sells hand crafted leather material items that you can truly take pride in wearing. The compliments will flow in and people will be asking how you look so good.

What Should Individuals Look for in Makeup

When someone is buying makeup, that individual wants to make sure that they choose items that they are going to love. No one likes to spend money on something like makeup only to feel disappointed with the items that they have purchased. It is important that those who are buying makeup go through all of the options that are available to them, and that they make their purchasing decisions after they have looked through all of their options. Makeup is something that can help a person to stand out, to be beautiful, and each individual needs to find the makeup that is right for them and their personality.

When someone is shopping for makeup, that individual needs to find a makeup brand that creates their makeup in a safe way. When someone is buying makeup, they should shop through a brand that offers cruelty free items. Individuals who are buying makeup want to shop through a company that is green. They want to buy makeup from a company that cares about the planet and about them. It is important that those who are shopping for makeup have the opportunity to buy the items that they want from a company that is ethical.

When someone is shopping for makeup, they should choose items in colors that they love. Those who are buying makeup need to be willing to purchase the items that stand out to them and draw them in. An individual should not be scared away from the makeup that is not a part of the season’s in colors. Each person needs to make their own decisions regarding makeup, and they should choose items in the colors that they love the most. Those who are purchasing makeup need to choose products that are going to make them happy, and products that will help them to feel good about themselves. It is important that those who are shopping for makeup choose the items that they know that they will love.

Doe Deere is someone who knows a lot about makeup, and who has worked hard to put out good makeup for those who are interested in it. This individual created a company that puts out cruelty free items. Doe Deere appreciates color, and the makeup that comes from the Lime Crime company is available in the kind of colors that individuals are seeking when they want makeup that will help them to stand apart. Those who are shopping for makeup will appreciate all that Doe Deere has created and brought to the plate.