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The Cleaning Revolution With Handy

There are so many home services on the market today. It’s hard to find the one that will do exactly what best for the home. Just when I think I have done exhausting my search, here comes Handybook.

This company began its’ inception in 2012 and by the looks of things they have cornered the market and is here to stay for the duration. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua(chief operating officer), came up with the idea to have customers order cleaning and plumbing services by simply using their iPhones. Genius! For a relative young company, and still growing, Handy had surpassed the mark of over $1 million in bookings per week. This is unheard of in such a relatively short space of time. The company founders say, their clients are extremely head-over-heels about their services.

For an hourly rate between $15 and $22 per hour, one can find work with this company. They can pick their own hours which is quite convenient. Which makes it easier for them to work around their own schedules. And the hourly rate is not to shabby either. They also know how much they will earn up front, so later on there will be no discrepancies on wages.

Customers usually book their wants and needs using their iPhones.
Such convenience! The services range from cleaning to plumbing. There is a through background check on potential employees, references are thoroughly checked and re-checked, face to face interviews are conducted on all Handy professionals potentials. Handy prides themselves on for their strict rules. Only 3% of these professionals are usually hired. This way the customers would feel comfortable about who they are letting into their homes. All a customer has to do to order up some service is,enter their zip code, the number of rooms to be cleaned. Soon they will have a quote. This way they can pay for their services when the work is done and there won’t be any exchange of money.

In the long run, the owners see themselves providing others services not just for the home only. For now most of revenues are in house cleaning. About 90% of the company earnings comes from that. With a small percentage in plumbing service.

Handy is now in 25 cities in the United States, about 2 in Canada. They have also expanded to London. Over 200,000 applications are there for review, about 5000 active professionals are now on the job.

What Has Christian Broda Done To Help Economics?

Christian Broda on valuewalk is an Associate Professor of Economics. His research and success has addressed issues in finance, international trade, and macroeconomics. He is a part of the research faculty at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He holds multiple roles in multiple companies in the industry. In fact, he is also the associate editor of the. Journal of Development in Economics along with being a scholar in 2006 for the James S. Kemper Foundation. His writing and papers have been published numerous times throughout different publications and journals, including the Journal of International. Economics, the Quarterly Journey of Economics, and the American Economic Review. His role in the development of the economic system has allowed for those people below him to follow within his footsteps as successfully as possible.

The one thing he has changed in this industry is the approach to investing and economists developing the wrong skills in the industry. His papers have gone indepth on the true essence of development as an economist. Hs studies, research papers, and simplified approaches to solutions has made him a reliable source of information. He has developed a big following, but merely he has helped changed the way newbies jump onto the scene. Taking over big corporations is not his thing, and properly handling different situations is what he stands high for.

What makes Christian so different is his long lasting knowledge with the industry. In 1997, he graduated from Universidad de San Andres down in Argentina, and he garnered a degree in Economics. He eventually pursued a masters from MIT along with a PhD right after. His knowledge, experience, and education all brought him to extensively higher levels of success down the road, and he helped increase other people’s knowledge on the progress of this industry. He does all kinds of current projects and works for different companies at the moment. However, he mainly works for the Duquesne Capital Management, and he has found that his success has also allowed for him to help with multiple hedge fund start-ups.

Christian Broda has a good family behind his back. With a wife and two sons, he has found himself with a family who supports his life.

What makes his papers and previous writings so successful is how he steps in to the world of finance and trade and explains his side so clearly. He has taught many people to get in to this industry the right way without sacrificing basic morals and utilizing incorrect money growth developments. He has achieved massive growth in the industry because of his knowledge on multiple subjects. If you need a professional in the world of economics to reach you the ropes of this world, this is the guy to learn from because of his strong attitude and powerful economic ideas.

The 990 Company Offers Home Sellers a Way to Save Their Money

The 990 company is a real estate listing company. It offers real estate agents an opportunity to get more listings. By paying a fee of just $200 per month, agents get to reserve a ZIP code. The ZIP code gives them exclusive rights to the referrals business arising from the company’s advertising and their own marketing of the 990 opportunity in their ZIP code. Only one agent can reserve a ZIP code at a time. This means that all home sellers in the same ZIP code will only be referred to the agent.

The program attracts home sellers by offering them an option to sell their homes at a commission of just $990. However, it doesn’t mean that agents who sign up with the 990 program become discount agents. The $990 commission is only given to home sellers who are able to bring in buyers who are not working with real estate agents.

First, the agent will advertise the message “Sell your home with an experienced full service agent and a commission as low as $990,” and attach their name and phone number. Interested home sellers, excited about the $990 commission, will the call the agent. The agent will then offer the $990 sells homes opportunity alongside their full commission plan. The home owner will be allowed to host an open house. If they manage to get an interested buyer with no real estate agent, they get to enjoy the $990 commission.

This program is a win-win for the agent in many ways. Since most home buyers have real estate agents, most of the homes will be sold under the normal full commission anyway. Even when the homes do sell under the $990 commission, the home buyers that the agent gets through the home sellers are able to buy or sell their homes through that agent, therefore earning the agent a full commission.

The sellers will also be so appreciative, and may buy their next home through the same agent. They will also refer business to the agent for years. Whether the agents sell at $990 or not, they are able to acquire new listings that they never would have gotten. Those who don’t understand this model will assume that the agent is offering a discount.

Agents who reserve a ZIP code are equipped with promotional material, video training and many other resources. They, essentially, get a license to operate under the trademarked 990 program. If a consumer visits the 990 website and types their ZIP code, only the name of the agent who has reserved the ZIP code appears. The agreement only lasts for a month. If the agent decides to leave the program, they are free to cancel and not to make any other payment.

FreedomPop Secures Additional Funding

For many people, their mobile phone bill is astronomical. It takes far too large of a chunk of their household income, and makes their financial state difficult. FreedomPop has an offer for you; ditch the old plan, and get a free on.

Since their start in 2012, FreedomPop has been providing bare bones mobile data and voice services at no charge. The company has been attracting a lot of attention for their innovative approach, and today, they announced that they had finished a new round of funding. This time FreedomPop managed to raise $30 million. Following the news that FreedomPop turned down multiple buyout offers, this shows how committed the mobile phone company is to their message.

Partech Vnetures took the lead on the Series B round alongside existing investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. Niklas Zennstom founded FreedomPop with money from his own venture company Atomico. The company has raised $49.3 million in funds since then.

The trick to the way they operate is that FreedomPop doesn’t have any infrastructure. Instead, they buy all their data from Sprint at a wholesale rate. FreedomPop eats the losses on their mobile data, but makes up for it in other ways. The company doesn’t bundle phones in a contract, but it does sell them directly to users. Once they have a phone, the customer is given 500 MD of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes of voice for free each month. If the user needs more, they can purchase additional amounts at a cheap rate or subscribe to an unlimited plan.

Most of FreedomPop’s money comes in the form of add on packages for the base phone. These are sold at additional cost to the consumer. Popular examples include a roll over data plan and an option to get an international number attached to your phone.

A Partnership to Drive Success in Irish American Vodka

In an article recently published on Street Insider, readers learn that Bonn Óir Vodka has partnered with Goody Goody, a successful wholesaler and retailer, in hopes of increasing distribution of their product in the Fortworth and Houston regions. One of the dominant reasons behind this merger is Goody Goody’s reputation within the state of Texas. With sixteen current locations, Goody Goody offers the sense of leadership and partnership Bonn Óir Vodka seeks as they grow.

The company has partnered with Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm led by Marc Sparks (check out his WordPress site for more of his work) and is behind Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka. This firm focuses primarily on the goals of up and coming entrepreneurs. Timber Creek is backed by over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience that allows for business owners to navigate and drive their results toward success.

Bonn Óir Vodka strives to deliver an ultra-smooth and clean finish to their product, unlike many of their competitor products on the market. Bonn Óir’s founder and C.O.O., Dan O’Shevlin, tells readers of the individualistic approach for distillation and filtration that provides for the premium vodka; these important factors, as O’Shevlin believes, are what helps to redefine the standards and preferences within the product market.

O’Shevlin, comes from a family of Irishmen, who immigrated to America with only determination, work ethic, and the family’s Vodka recipe. With this recipe, O’Shevlin’s ancestors worked to establish a new life in the new country, and did so by creating Bonn Óir Vodka, their own brand of pure Irish Vodka. This brand is still handcrafted today, and has become one of the leading and most innovative products and companies on the spirits market today. With their partnership with Goody Goody, the company hopes to continue to drive in successful results, and launch additional distributions within the state of Texas.

Declining M&A, FreedomPop Raises Extra $30M For Its Free Mobile Service

It has been published on TechCrunch that FreedomPop is making another stride forward today with an objective of building an international mobile firm founded on the basis of free calls, messaging as well as internet bundles plus upselling extra services. Amidst months of M&A anecdotes, the start-up has raised an additional $30 million in capital- cash that CEO as well as co-founder Stephen Stokols states is going to assist FreedomPop develop its businesses autonomously.

“We had a lot of interest, six bids from carriers and a large tech company, but we ended up turning all of them down,” Skolols says. “It would be premature to sell at this point.” The objective for 18-month-old FreedomPop presently is to establish a billion-dollar firm, and he has plans already put in place to get an additional $50 million-$100 million by next year to facilitate that, if it does not decide to trade then.

This new Series B round was steered by Partech Ventures, with contribution from existing supporters DCM Capital plus Mangrove. (The estimation isn’t being disclosed although people speculate it might be at most some hundred millions. It has been heard that a prospective purchase would’ve been executed at an estimation of approximately $250 million, though a venture would come happen at some cost lower than that.

FreedomPop makes announcements about its pick up on an anonymous tactical investor- not among the corporations that have been attempting to acquire it, this is according to Stokols statement, but a U.S firm that is going to assist FreedomPop “on the hardware side.” (FreedomPop offers a variety of phones as well as dongles to provide its services, thus this possibly can concern upgrading the way it purchases in gadgets, or this might be an individual who is going to preload FreedomPop application, for instance.)

In any instance, the extra investor is possibly going to be declared in some weeks, and might potentially add to the capital another $5 million.

Beneful Dog Food to Start Supporting Renovations of Dog Park Across the Country in 2015

In 2015, Beneful Dog Food celebrated its fifth anniversary of its Dream Dog Park program by funding and lending their support to various dog projects across the nation. The projects that they cover concern every breed from the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane. Starting in June 2015, they will be supporting the renovations of existing dog parks and making new ones a reality.

Since its founding in 2010, the Dream Dog Park Contest has helped to strengthen the lives of various dogs by supporting the construction of entire communities exclusively for dog fanatics. Within the last four years, Beneful has help to transform four dog parks in Alabama, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. All four parks have their own custom features such as brightly colored splash pads and food ingredient obstacles.

The dog park renovations that are due to start in 2015 will receive needs-based funding, material and educational expertise from the Beneful team. One of the parks that Beneful is leading the makeover of is the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Missouri. That particular park will have a dog-friendly turf and one of Beneful’s Doxie tunnels among other additions. Their renovations began in May 2015 and the park is scheduled to re-open in late June 2015.

CVS Target

If you shop at Target, then it’s something that you are going to need to be made aware of. Target is making some big changes, and it’s something that shoppers everywhere will notice. The retailer is selling its pharmacy and clinic businesses to CVS Health Corporation for 1.9 billion dollars. Shoppers will still be able to fill their prescriptions as well as get that ever so important flu shot. The deal will be affecting Target’s more than sixteen hundred pharmacies and 80 clinics. CVS is also expected to open up as many as 20 clinics in Target stores in the next few years.

According to Reddit, CVS’s retail presence will be drastically increased. It looks like these big changes are really going to shake things up in the retail world. Target is hoping that by doing this, it will increase focus on wellness. They’re hoping by making this change, more and more people will think that target is in line with making healthy choices. Target is also hoping that these big move will help to drive long term traffic.

Overall, it’s not huge changes that are really going to upset, or excite anyone. It’s just something happening all over, that people should be made aware of so that they don’t freak out when they see the changes. A lot of money is going into this deal, and here’s hoping that both companies see some success out of it. Afterall, CVS has long been popular. Target has long been popular. The two businesses coming together could have all the makings for a dynamic occurrence reports business analysts from Gravity4 on Twitter.

QNet Is A Legitimate Company

QNet is a direct selling (DS) multi-level marketing (MLM) business. The company was introduced 13 years ago. It specialize in life enhancement products like wellness and health care items. It also has watches, jewelry, vacation packages and online learning classes. There are 30 brand name products that are divided into 9 categories, and these are quality products and services. The company promotes vegetarianism, and the products have reduced sugar, and it stays away from artificial sweeteners and chemicals. There are over 12 countries that manufacture the quality products for QNet. One of its product lines called Amezcua is of the Harmonized Energy product line.

QNet is a legal company with nothing to hide and is active in more than 100 countries. In a legitimate direct selling business, one joins to get discounts on the items and to use the products. There is also the opportunity to retail the items for an income, and there are rewards for promoting the products. This is the way QNet works. It is a more direct way of getting the products from the producer to the consumer. It is important to know that direct marketing and direct selling are not the same thing. Some are pyramid schemes which only pay out when new people join. These are the fraudulent companies and that is where the bad reviews come from. A legitimate company will have no problem with pyramid schemes being exposed. It will actually help them to direct sell. QNet has persevered and strives to continue to offer the best products and business opportunity available.

QNet is a real business and a self-employment opportunity that is available to all. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and it does take work. It has quality products and services. Direct selling multi-level marketing is a good and option and is here to stay.