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Southridge Capital’s secrets of success.

Southridge Capital has dedicated its services to offering financial and advisory aid to various companies that are in their first stages of development. From its base in Connecticut, the company has seen the success of several hundreds of organizations worldwide that have grown to be of global influence. For more than two decades, Southridge Capital has successfully used billions of money to achieve the betterment of their clients.

Most of the companies that have benefited from Southridge Capital’s operations are growing public companies. The company’s success is to help these organizations is attributed to its excellent structure from its leadership down to the least worker. From years of dealing with matters of finance, the executive team has broad expertise in financial investments where it easily detects potential areas of investment. Apart from investing in companies, Southridge engages in philanthropic activities as part of appreciating the community it serves.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Southridge Capital’s founder and CEO, Stephen M. Hicks, reveals how his idea of starting the company came to being. Stephen was still working for a small hedge fund when he became interested in beginning his hedge fund. For a while, he had worked in investment companies. Stephen’s few years’ experience in those companies, together with his education allowed him to start his company. Along with his hardworking team, Stephen has seen to it that Southridge Capital’s impact has crossed international boundaries. You can visit bizjournals to know more.


As a CEO, Stephen is his company’s steward, and his attitudes, habits and daily practices contribute significantly to the success of Southridge Capital. His day begins with monitoring the company’s investments and seeking new investment opportunities as well as supervision of his staff’s work. From his experience as an entrepreneur, he is encouraged to continue developing more potential investment plans even after setbacks. Stephen mentions one of the companies that he fruitlessly injected a lot of money into with the hope of its survival.

Stephen is also a good reader. One of the books that have deeply inspired him is Ron Chernow’s “Titan.” The book majors on the biography of John D. Rockefeller, a man who was among the first American billionaires. Rockefeller’s ups and downs have motivated Stephen as an entrepreneur. You can follow their Twitter account.


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Slyce’s Yearly Results Give Insight Into Future of Company

Recently Slyce Inc, one of the leading image recognition platforms released their financial results for the year. Slyce acts as a powerful sales channel for retailers and their customers. Consumers contact retailers by taking photos of products using their mobile devices. This gives Slyce near instant capability. Slyce’s technology is used as a white label search platforms. Slyce is used by brands such as Neiman Marcus and Home Depot. Slyce’s business model has a number of different revenue streams, such as integration, licensing and purchase transactions.

Slyce announced a collaboration with rapidly growing online footwear retailer SHOES.COM. Slyce’s image recognition helps mobile visitors snap pictures of women’s footwear with the option to quickly purchase. Slyce is helping Neiman Marcus by allowing shoppers to take images of different images and receive matching items from Neiman Marcus. Slyce will also start working with urban outfitters to help with their mobile commerce.

Slyce decided to end its short term offering and instead use private financing thanks to a lead investor. Slyce is currently accepting subscriptions from that investor, among others. Slyce has developed a system to create easy on boarding by shortening the integration efforts mandatory for new customers.

Slyce is using a universal scanner to provide a camera interface for different detection. This will allow clients to add object scanning to their websites. Slyce Link was created as a visual product recommendation system that increases shopping conversations on websites. Retailers can also show their products to customers at beneficial points.

Slyce also launched Coupon Author; a coupon management platform. Coupon Author helps retailers make coupons to be redeemed through mobile devices, as well as distribute them. Retailers can use Coupon Author to introduce special offers to customers.

Slyce is working to refine their sales process and secure additional financing in the coming months.