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Organo Gold Introduces the Coffee Connoisseur Club

Organo Gold is a global business that sells premium beverages and personal care products. They offer coffees, teas, and nutraceuticals which are available exclusively through their independent distributor network. This is called the Coffee Connoisseur Club in both the United States and Canada. They were established in 2008 and have their headquarters located in Chiswick neighborhood of London, England.

In order to train new independent distributors, they opened Organo Gold University in Houston, Texas. At this building, new independent distributors learn all about what Organo Gold offers to customers. They also learn how to operate their own independent business selling Organo Gold products and how to become effective salespeople. They also regularly hold events around the world for their independent distributors to learn about new products and network with one another.

It has been remarked on that there have been three waves of coffee in the United States. The first one started decades ago and basically got American used to drinking coffee. There wasn’t a lot of variety offered during this wave. The second wave started in the 1970s in the Pacific Northwest. Coffee shops started popping up offering new flavors and varieties of coffee to people. It also gave people a place to gather and share their passion for coffee with other people.

Organo Gold is part of the third wave of coffee in America. This wave focuses on the quality of the coffee instead of marketing it or the social side of it. The coffee itself takes center stage rather than anything else. This wave of coffee consumption is partially about not wanting to drink bad coffee anymore and partially all about the desire to drink great coffee instead as one entrepreneur in the industry put it.