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Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Wins The Broad Prize Of $250,000

Success Academy is the winner of this year’s $250,000 Broad prize. The high-profile charter school network in the New York City was awarded for its success in bridging the achievement gap between children from the wealthy and poor background. It was also awarded for helping children of color and those from low-income families to improve their academic performance.

Broad Prize is annual prize money awarded to large charter organizations. The money will assist Success Academy to advance their college readiness programs to ensure that children from the charter schools secure places in colleges and universities. This year’s Broad Prize was presented during the National Charter Schools Conference, which was held in Washington, D.C.

Speaking after accepting the prize, the founder of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz, said that she does not believe that a child’s destiny should be determined by his or her ZIP code. She noted that she founded the charter school network to prove that it was possible for children to control their destiny through access to quality education. The chief executive officer of Success Academy contended that transformation is only possible if the society is willing to rethink, reinvent, and re-imagine schooling.

Eva focuses on growing Success Academy to a network of 100 schools. At such level, the institution will be able to serve over 50,000 students. She notes that the school system will be similar in size with Boston or Atlanta school systems and its success will prove that charter schools are the way forward.

During the event, Moskowitz announced that Success Academy would launch a digital platform. The platform will be used to share the school’s curriculum, pedagogy, training, intellectual materials, and design with other charter schools across the nation.

Success Academy is New York City’s largest charter network. The system boasts of over 14,000 students, most of who come from low-income families. Moreover, over 93 percent of the students in the school are either from the African-American or Hispanic communities. Success Academy’s network has 41 schools and is one of the largest school districts in the United States. The success of the school has seen the previous opponents of charter schools change their tone, with many curious to learn the strategies used at Success Academy.