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Dr. David Samadi Interviews An Old Colleague Named CynaraCoomer Regarding Breast Awareness

Dr. David Samadi, an expert regarding robotic surgery, and urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York, is going to be conducting an interview with Dr. CynaraCoomer. The doctor serves the Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital as the Comprehensive Breast Center’s Director, as well as being the Chief of Breast Surgery. The interview will be seen on Sunday Housecall LIVESTREAM, with Dr. David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi feels the interview is perfectly timed for the month of October, since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since Dr. CynaraCoomer is one of the main individuals responsible for the establishment of Staten Island’s Comprehensive Breast Center, she was an excellent choice for the interview. According to Dr. David Samadi, he considers her a former esteemed colleague, and an expert in the field of breast health.

Prior to Dr. Cynara Coomer serving Northwell health, she worked in New York City, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, as a breast surgeon. Her clinical practice was successful, and her devotion was in treating malignant, and benign diseases of the breasts. She is excited to interview, and reunite with Dr. David Samadi on Sunday Housecall, and plans to discuss the hottest medical topics, such as breast cancer awareness. She is happy to support his mission in educating the American people regarding medical conditions including prostate, and breast health. The program airs at 13: p.m. EDT, every Sunday, and can be seen live at

Dr. David Samadi has devoted his career to the medical field, and is considered an expert in the fields of urology, and robotic surgery. His education has been extensive, and he is board certified. His career is distinguished by his expertise, and experience in his field, and he has become a top surgeon in area of expertise. Dr. David Samadi has devoted himself to what he believes is his mission in life, to make the people of the world aware of a disease that has become the second lead cause of male deaths. He shares his knowledge with the world on his website at

Dr. David Samadi is not new to the world as the host of Sunday Housecall, being broadcast from 2011 until 2016, on the Fox News Channel. He previously appeared in March of 2015, on a New York City radio program on am970 called World Health News. In addition, he supplies helpful health related news on a blog found on his website.

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The Career of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Professor of Oncology, Mikhail Blagosklonny, also has many other accomplishments attached to his name because of his profound handiwork. From his background knowledge from several universities, his work on different subjects such as the cell cycle and cancer biology, to his renowned work in the matter of rapamycin and aging, his expertise has made him one of the most sought after professionals in his field.To further understand how he has accomplished his many feats and achievements, will go in detail into his start as a student of his many crafts, his other efforts in the field of Oncology and medicine, and his eminent success in the process of aging. With all of that said, let us take a look at the great career of the professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny.

Carrer as a Student

Even the greatest of minds had to start off somewhere, for Blagosklonny, his career as a student happened to come across several places. To get things going, he went to the Medical University of St. Petersburg. Putting in his effort and time, and combined with his natural brilliance, it is no surprise that he was able to earn an MD in Internal Medicine. However, as mentioned before, this would only be the start. Aside from getting his MD at the University of St. Petersburg, he would also go on to get a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the same University. Moving on from St. Petersburg, he would also have stints in New York Schools.In New York, Blagosklonny shared his knowledge to not one school, but two. In his first stretch, Blagosklonny was made the associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in 2002. There he would not only assist but, also mentor young professionals in the field of medicine. After he spread his knowledge there, he later went on to do Research work at the Ordway Institute where he worked as a senior scientist. His work as a senior scientist soon led him to do work in the field of Oncology for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. That is where and when his Oncology career took off.

His Work as an Oncologist & the Field of Medicine

Having garnered the success he did as a student and professor, it was very easy for Blagosklonny to not only find important jobs but also to assist in his efforts. As one of his many titles, he also has the privilege of being an editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. In addition, he is also the associate editor of cancer biology and therapy. Under the scope of work that these two titles require of him to do, Blagosklonny does everything from research in cellular and molecular biology to clinical investigations, as well as working, first hand, in producing signal transduction, ontogenesis, and other work as such.

His Eminent Success in the Process of Aging

Obviously, Mikhail Blagosklonny is involved in many fields of work. However, perhaps his most significant achievements, have come from his assistance in the process of aging. In a very intricate line of work such as stopping the process of aging, Blagosklonny has been tasked to do many jobs. Of his many jobs, some include Signaling potential role in cancer and aging, working on treatments for life extension, and much more. His dedication to this field also shows. For example, he has even developed a hypothesis regarding TOR, in which he suggested the use of the drug Rapamycin, a widely accepted drug used in the treatment of cancer. Needless to say, without a doubt, Mikhail Blagosklonny will continue to provide great work in whatever field of work he wants to spread his knowledge to.

Eric Lefkofsky: Stepping Closer to Customized Cancer Cure

Eric Lefkofsky’s effort towards finding an effective, customized cancer cure has moved a step closer following the founding of a technology startup, Tempus. Founded in partnership with Lefkofsky’s long time business partner Brad Keywell, Tempus will spearhead the development of cancer genomic database. The database will comprise of DNA samples collected from the numerous cancer patients. Doctors can compare the DNA samples of their patients in the database with the view of developing cancer management strategies and customized cancer therapies.

To ensure that their plan succeeds, Tempus’ management is bringing together highly experienced talents with strong background. One such talent is the experienced geneticist Kevin White who has over 10 years experience in genomic studies. Mr. White will operate from 20,000 –square-foot gene sequencing lab Tempus has constructed. The company has also developed a gene sequencing software capable of comparing the sequenced genes from different patients. Eric Lefkofsky believes that Tempus can take advantage of the technological developments and partner with hospitals to take cancer management and cure to the next level.

Eric Lefkofksy’s Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Eric Lefkofksy divested his investments in various industries ranging from branding to technology. He has a keen eye for investment opportunities and has grown his startups into big businesses with global scope of operations. His early forays into entrepreneurship saw him found InnnerWorkings in 2001 where he served as the chief executive officer of the Chicago, Illinois based provider of promotional and printing services. His fascination with technology saw him found Echo Global Logistics in 2005. The outsourcing firm specializes in technology-based transportation and logistics. He later founded MediaBank; an advertising firm, which merged with Donovan Data Systems in 2012 to form Mediaocean to learn more: click here.

He further divested his investments by trying his hands in the investment and financial markets by cofounding Lightbank in 2010. He also partnered in the founding of Groupon in 2007 where has served as chairman up to 2015 when he took over the reins at Tempus. The cofounder of Uptake is a certified attorney having graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from University of Michigan Law School. He is also an author. Eric Lefkofksy also works at University of Chicago as an adjunct professor.