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Peter Briger: Moving With Innovation

Peter Briger had a lengthy career when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He later joined in 2002 the powerful innovative company called Fortress Investment Group. He is in charge of the Credit division that has a strong focus when it comes to the real estate business and credit. Briger has been highly successful in his endeavors as he has reached the Forbes 400 as a long lasting member. He is recognized around the world as a global business professional that knows how to get things done. While working at Goldman Sachs he took on membership with the Asian management Global Control and Compliance, and Japan Executive committees. The work that he put in for debt vehicles and real estate was mainly in Asia. This key background skill-set gave Peter Briger the capabilities to help in Fortress’ buyout from a Japanese conglomerate in banking. Read the article at to learn more about Peter Briger.

Peter Briger has an extensive background of sitting on the prestigious board of the Princeton University Investment company. He has always been an active supporter financially when it comes to the Central Park Conservancy. In addition to that, Peter Briger has spent his time helping and assisting the not for profit organization called Tipping Point. They are setup to serve families that are low income within the San Francisco area. His board attendance is also seen with Caliber School, a well known network among some of the best charter schools. His undergrad study of education is impressive with an M.B.A. from Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania.

Fortress Investment Group has managed nearly 43 billion in assets with an investor base that reached to 1,750 investors and growing. They have a main focus in permanent capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. The company lives by its strategy of “strong risk adjust returns’ for all investors that help them in the long term. The main headquarters are in New York with a staff that is well over 900 people. Inside their operations management, Fortress has crafted trendy tools where they know how to extract the value from most, if not all, of the investments they are engaged in.

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Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing Calls Out The Next Two Industries To Invest In

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing has been recommending that investors focus on two industries in order to make big gains. These are the Internet of Things and precision medicine. He says that both industries are poised for huge gains in the coming years and investors should get in now before things really take off.

In his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, he stated that investors could invest $10,000 in his specific stock picks in precision medicine and earn up to ten times their money. To date, the pharmaceutical industry has been much more focused on treating illnesses and diseases in a way that masks their symptoms rather than actually curing them. In the field of precision medicine, there are now companies that are researching ways to provide people with individualized care that gets at the root of the disease in order to cure it.

One company that Paul Mampilly has written about that is doing this is Tempus out of Chicago, Illinois. He says that this company is building a huge database using machine learning. This database, filled with the genomic profiles of cancer patients, is already being used by doctors around the nation to inform them of the best way of treating each of their patients using this information.

Paul Mampilly says the Internet of Things is also poised to take off. He says that there is a wave of devices coming that will be able to collect and then transmit data to other devices and people, creating an interconnected web. This is going to include wearable devices, thermostats, appliances, cars, and more. He names a few specific companies to invest in which is available to subscribers of his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Paul Mampilly was able to retire from his job on Wall Street when he was just 45 years old. One of his best stock picks was getting into Amazon stock early before it really took off. His ability to pick stocks resulted in him earning enough money that he didn’t have to work on Wall Street anymore. He now shares investment knowledge through his financial newsletter which is targeted towards mainstream investors.

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Aloha Construction Demonstrates Rewarding Generosity

Nothing brings oomph and joy to a company than being recognized for its ethical practices. Receiving an award from a reputed body does not only help a company grow but also motivates its employees. Torch Award is one of the widely recognized accolades presented to select companies who demonstrate extraordinary ethical practices in their field of operation on a yearly basis. The Better Business Bureaus Torch Award was introduced in 1996, and it is a great honor for the company that receives this prestigious award. Aloha Construction was the proud recipient of the 2017 BBB Torch Award for it one of a kind business ethics.

Aloha construction was presented with the Torch award on November 16th at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare. Its reliability and charity work in Illinois and Chicago has been exemplary and enough to reward the CEO Dave Farbaky and his employees this prominent award.

How Aloha Construction Outshined Other Companies

No other company in 2017 has been able to care for its customers and general clientele base than Aloha. The company put its customers first throughout the year, and this award comes at the right moment. The company has been offering free roof inspections that many customers thought will come at a cost. This ethical deed throughout made customers realizes the need to ensure their repairs are covered by insurance accordingly. The company also provided better customer care services and its partnership with Synchrony financial made it easy to serve customers.

Aloha also recognized the exceptional work undertaken by its employees. The company is known to host an all-expenses-paid recreation week in Maui, Hawaii every year for workers and their loved ones. This is usually a reward for productive workers in a show of appreciation for their hard work. Aloha was a deserving 2017 BBB Torch Award recipient for making the surrounding community their priority and proud. The company is reputed for its sports sponsorships. For instance, in 2017, the company sponsored the Lake Zurich high school football team, Kane County Cougars baseball team, Illinois State University athletics, The Bloomington Thunder local hockey team and The Flying Aces hockey team. The company also came up with the Chicago Bulls VIP Ticket Giveaway where it provided 12 box seats to kids with congenital heart disease. This was indeed an act of generosity that many companies cannot meet.

About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction, Inc. was founded in 2008 by David Farbaky and is located in Lake Zurich. The company is known for offering roof, gutter and siding repair services. It has also established restoration and interior remodeling services to meet the needs of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents.

Boraie development, changing the face of real estate for the better

The city of Newark is still rejoicing after its first high rise 168 apartment building was launched recently. The building known as 1 Rector Street sits on approximately 20,000 square feet and has twenty-one stories. It is the first one of its kind in Newark after more than five decades. 1 rector street celebrated its topping off in an event which attracted the crème de la crème of Newark’s society such as Governor Phil Murphy, Wasseem and Omar Boraie, Mayor Ras Baraka and many others including residents of Newark.


The main highlight of the day was former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal who also happens to be a former resident of Newark. The high rise building which is nicknamed as Shaq building was as a result of a partnership between The NBA superstar, Boraie development, and the city to help grow the town of Newark.


According to a statement by Newark’s mayor Ras Baraka, most projects don’t often go through because they lack the required financial support required to see their implementation. He then went on to thank Shaquille O’Neal for not forgetting his roots and also thanked other partners such as Boraie development who played an essential role in the successful execution of the project. When asked what motivated him to give back to his community through the project, Mr. O’Neal said that his mother urged him to restore the beauty of the town while he was still very young. By participating in the project, he had fulfilled his mother’s wish. You can check out for more details.



In addition to 1 Rector Street, the event also saw the launch of project Newark which is aimed at assisting minority groups such as women who want to build a high flying career in the construction industry.


During his speech, Omar Boraie said that it is through the sheer cooperation of Newark city that 1 Rector Street saw its completion. He further added that residents were free to apply for a lease by September as the mall would be open to the public by the end of the year.


About Boraie development


Boraie development is a family owned real estate company known for its unique approach to establishing high-end buildings and structures in less developed areas. In other words, Boraie development focuses on growing less developed areas through innovative strategies such as redeveloping neglected urban areas and giving them a new refined modern outlook. This helps attract new investors to such regions thus helping them grow.


The one rector street project in Newark is one among the many projects which the company has had a hand in and there are many others. The company was established by Omar Boraie and works together with contractors, financial institutions, and famous architects to complete its projects just like it did with the high rise building in Newark.


This is indeed a unique approach because most companies in the real estate sector often target more developed and famous areas for their projects. They tend to forget that even the less-than-perfect urban regions pack a lot of potential. Boraie development is indeed a game changer in the real estate arena. For more info you can check out




The Future of Cryptocurrency is with Video Games According to Malcolm CasSelle

If you think the future of cryptocurrency lies anywhere but with the video game industry, Malcolm CasSelle will tell you that you are wrong. Malcolm CasSelle has seen first hand the effect that cryptocurrency has had on the video game industry first hand, and he believes this relationship will only get stronger as the years pass.


At OPSkins, serving as CIO, Malcolm CasSelle sees large transactions being made every day. OPSkins is the leading supplier of skins for games such as Dota 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Players of these games will pay hundred, even thousands of dollars for certain skins. OPSkins is ran on blockchain technology. This ensures that the marketplace is fair, safe and secure. Fans know that with OPSkins they will never be scammed or defrauded in anyway.


Malcolm CasSelle has dove deeper into the worlds of video games and blockchain. He has done this with the creation of WAX, the world’s newest market place for video game virtual assets. WAX serves as a platform for gamers to set up shop. Merchants are offered the software to create their own shops.


WAX hopes that their cryptocurrency, WAX Tokens, will evolve into the go to currency for the video game industry. Without a middle man to assist in transactions where the buyer and seller are using different currencies, at least one of the parties must go through the strenuous task of having the currency converted. WAX Token serves as a common currency for gamers from all over the world. This is how WAX is solving the geographic fragmenting problem.


About Malcolm CasSelle


CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford. Before becoming involved in OPSkins and WAX, he worked for SeaChange International, Timeline labs, MediaPass, and Xfire. He has also been involved in the newspaper business with tronc, Inc, one of America’s biggest publishers of newspapers.


Real Estate Made Easy With Nick Vertucci

If anyone understands how lucrative the real estate industry can be, it’s Nick Vertucci of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Real estate has provided financial freedom for Nick and he decided to package the knowledge he’s learned in order to teach others how to make it big Just like he did.

Nick experienced loss as a child when his father died and quickly had to take the steps to help his family. Jump starting a tech business at only 18 years old, Nick had high hopes until the dot com crash left him in debt to the time of over a million dollars. Nick didn’t let this get him down and soon enrolled in real estate academy to try something different. A career as a real estate investor was just what he needed, inspiring him to start Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

With locations in hot spots such as California and Nevada, the academy is well known and respected throughout the United States. The academy streamlines valuable information and presents it to students in a way they can quickly grasp and apply. This insider knowledge is what Nick used to rise to success and he willingly shares this information with others looking to follow in his footsteps.

Nick Vertucci started by investing in single family homes and then worked his way up little by little. The purchase of foreclosed homes was the next step, which he offered to savvy investors for purchase. The public was also invited to purchase these homes through Nick’s radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour.” Nick is someone who successfully launched his game plan to success and many have much to learn from his expertise.

Prospective students will be thrilled to note the three day training course provided by the academy, making life easier for students who may have hectic schedules. This program includes one on one coaching with talented professionals within the industry, ensuring students are in great hands to jumpstart their future. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is one of the best real estate investment schools and they are accepting applications today!