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Financial Advisor –David Giertz

Retired individuals are known of saving their hard earned money rather than spending it. This is according to a financial advisor David Giertz. Mr. David says that retirees can learn how to spend their money wisely as they en joy their old age. David says with the assistance of budget and cash reserve, every retired person should be able to have fun in their retired years. He continues to advise the retired people as well as the one just about to retire that the key to a successful retirement is to be able to strategize about the future with a convinced amount of meticulousness. David Giertz says that the odd thing about retired persons is that they are afraid to spend their hard earned cash. However, he says that the good discipline about retirees is that they get to increase in the value of every good thing that life provides. Mr. David believes it is very difficult for retirees to be part of their money.

David Giertz is a renowned financial ad visor who has vast knowledge as well as experience in the financial industry. Immediately after his High School graduation; David joined Millikin University where he graduated with a BS and later earned his master’s degree from the University of Miami. His over 30 years of experience; was earned by him serving in various organizations in different capacities. David was once the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. where he was responsible for the sales and distribution of the organization. During his tenure in the firm; he helped the company grow their profit from $111 billion to $ 17.8 billion. David has also served as the Senior Vice President and Director of several Nationwide Distributor Companies.

David Giertz began his career at Citicorp Investment as a financial Services Advisor. His hard work and devotion in the organization made him climb the career ladder in a short period. He was later appointed as the Area Director and later the executive Vice President of Sales. Mr. David is also a broker who is registered with FINRA. The financial advisor comes from a humble background and he worked hard to educate himself through college. David believes that all employees should be equally treated and respected.