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Finding Body Peace with Added Fashion Sizes and New Barbie Dolls


The Barbie company has some exciting new toys this year: new doll designs. The new Barbie dolls are meant to encourage young girls -and boys- who play with them that bodies come in all sorts of sizes. The new Barbie is still available to buy even with the new additions. The new Barbies come in tall, petite and curvy. The new, body peace promoting dolls are going to go into stores March first of this year. Each doll in displays at Target stores exclusively is going to be modeling replicas of the Target swim suits of this year to encourage women, girls and teens to not be too ashamed of their body that they can’t wear a swim suit.

The Barbie company has had requests in the past to make a change in their doll design to better show how the body can be different sizes for a while. Here’s hoping the change succeeds at sending out a positive body message to Barbie fans. Both young and old.

Similarily to Barbie making a move toward more diverse body types for their dolls, many fashion companies are also taking steps to add more of a range to the clothing they sell to give women of different body types choices. JustFab Inc. for instance has a plethora of fashionable and inexpensive clothes for different body types.

Getting clothes from JustFab Inc. is easy but a little different than from other fashion retailers. It’s an international subscription-like company where customers must get clothes each month and they are charged each month on their credit card. If a customer does not want to go ahead with getting clothes on a certain month they merely have to mark it ahead of time before their credit card is charged for that particular month. To become a VIP member on JustFab Inc. there is a just the matter of filling out a style quiz and going ahead to either be a member or shop as a guest shopper.