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The 990 Company Offers Home Sellers a Way to Save Their Money

The 990 company is a real estate listing company. It offers real estate agents an opportunity to get more listings. By paying a fee of just $200 per month, agents get to reserve a ZIP code. The ZIP code gives them exclusive rights to the referrals business arising from the company’s advertising and their own marketing of the 990 opportunity in their ZIP code. Only one agent can reserve a ZIP code at a time. This means that all home sellers in the same ZIP code will only be referred to the agent.

The program attracts home sellers by offering them an option to sell their homes at a commission of just $990. However, it doesn’t mean that agents who sign up with the 990 program become discount agents. The $990 commission is only given to home sellers who are able to bring in buyers who are not working with real estate agents.

First, the agent will advertise the message “Sell your home with an experienced full service agent and a commission as low as $990,” and attach their name and phone number. Interested home sellers, excited about the $990 commission, will the call the agent. The agent will then offer the $990 sells homes opportunity alongside their full commission plan. The home owner will be allowed to host an open house. If they manage to get an interested buyer with no real estate agent, they get to enjoy the $990 commission.

This program is a win-win for the agent in many ways. Since most home buyers have real estate agents, most of the homes will be sold under the normal full commission anyway. Even when the homes do sell under the $990 commission, the home buyers that the agent gets through the home sellers are able to buy or sell their homes through that agent, therefore earning the agent a full commission.

The sellers will also be so appreciative, and may buy their next home through the same agent. They will also refer business to the agent for years. Whether the agents sell at $990 or not, they are able to acquire new listings that they never would have gotten. Those who don’t understand this model will assume that the agent is offering a discount.

Agents who reserve a ZIP code are equipped with promotional material, video training and many other resources. They, essentially, get a license to operate under the trademarked 990 program. If a consumer visits the 990 website and types their ZIP code, only the name of the agent who has reserved the ZIP code appears. The agreement only lasts for a month. If the agent decides to leave the program, they are free to cancel and not to make any other payment.

Why Metropolitan Commuters Are Renting In NJ


New Jersey is one of the most centrally located of all states in the United States. People find that living in New Jersey offers them easy access to many kinds of important benefits. Those who live here can easily commute to either New York or Philadelphia. They can also enjoy easy access to many of the region’s amenities such as the jersey shore and the mountains of the state. Many areas of the state are also located near major urban areas, making it easy for residents to shop for their needs and dine out when they wish.

Those who are planning to stay in New Jersey for a long or short period of period will need a place to live. Many people who are planning to live in New Jersey will wish to find housing that meets their needs. The kind of housing that is ideal varies from person. Some people may want to have a house that allows them to provide for all members of their families. Others may wish to have housing that allows is cozy and efficient without the need to spend hours maintaining a great deal of interior and exterior space in their spare time.

People who want to live in an apartment will find they have many choices. One such choice is that of Boraie Development. Boraie offers residents the chance to experience apartment living in one of the state’s most vibrant areas. Those who choose to rent here, will find they have housing that is located in the center of the state. This offers them ability to quickly get to any area of the entire tri-state region they wish to see quickly and easily. The development also offers those living there access to all kinds of important amenities including a modern housing layout and design plan.

Renting an apartment also provides the renter with many advantages. A renter can easily leave should their situation change. Renters can also enjoy the chance to avoid the need to make any kind of costly repairs to their property should something go wrong with their apartment. The renter need only call officials at the complex in order to get any problems with the property addressed immediately. This allows them to avoid problems that can easily lead to debt and cause the person to lose money on the property they own. In this way, both parties benefit.

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FreedomPop Secures Additional Funding

For many people, their mobile phone bill is astronomical. It takes far too large of a chunk of their household income, and makes their financial state difficult. FreedomPop has an offer for you; ditch the old plan, and get a free on.

Since their start in 2012, FreedomPop has been providing bare bones mobile data and voice services at no charge. The company has been attracting a lot of attention for their innovative approach, and today, they announced that they had finished a new round of funding. This time FreedomPop managed to raise $30 million. Following the news that FreedomPop turned down multiple buyout offers, this shows how committed the mobile phone company is to their message.

Partech Vnetures took the lead on the Series B round alongside existing investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. Niklas Zennstom founded FreedomPop with money from his own venture company Atomico. The company has raised $49.3 million in funds since then.

The trick to the way they operate is that FreedomPop doesn’t have any infrastructure. Instead, they buy all their data from Sprint at a wholesale rate. FreedomPop eats the losses on their mobile data, but makes up for it in other ways. The company doesn’t bundle phones in a contract, but it does sell them directly to users. Once they have a phone, the customer is given 500 MD of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes of voice for free each month. If the user needs more, they can purchase additional amounts at a cheap rate or subscribe to an unlimited plan.

Most of FreedomPop’s money comes in the form of add on packages for the base phone. These are sold at additional cost to the consumer. Popular examples include a roll over data plan and an option to get an international number attached to your phone.

FreedomPop Makes Progress With $30 Million Funding Deal

FreedomPop and existing investors, DCM Capital and Mangrove, just made headlines with a Series B $30 Million funding capital deal with Partech Ventures. With FreedomPop already expanded into the UK market, this spells good news for people stateside who only need the basic phone and limited features.

The article mentions the possibilities of additional investors, one of which is a strategy investment firm and another possibility that included potential hardware offers. At this point, the future looks good for FreedomPop to continue its Freemium Package that includes 200 talk minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data.

How does FreedomPop do this? Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a means of delivering wireless Internet connections. FreedomPop has a deal that allows them to buy at greatly reduced bulk wholesale prices. Unlike other carriers, customers of FreedomPop only run up minutes while they are using the service.

What is the catch? There isn’t one. The basic account is free, and most people only need limited access to the phone, text, and data. For customers how need more, they pay as the add at prices ranging from $3 to $10 per add-on and enjoy only those features they use. One of these add-ons is Free International voice calls both placing them and receiving them. Just pay to have an International number assigned to you phone and enjoy service anywhere in the world.

Additional features include anonymous browsing to prevent government snooping, rollover features, phone insurance options and more added along the way.

Most consumers are unaware that there are no licensing fees for wireless channels, and the cost comes from paying a company for an access portal. With this $30 million increase in venture capital, there is no reason FreedomPop will fail to deliver on its promises of free Internet access.

Free Mobile Service Provider FreedomPop Grows Steadily and Fast

FreedomPop, the startup mobile operator has been standing out with its free mobile data and voice services since founded in 2012. The company received seed fund from venture firm Atomico, which is also the founder of Skype. During the last 3 years, it has raised $49.3 million with $30 million from the most recent funding round.

FreedomPop offers its data and voice services bought from Sprint to the customers with no charge. Customers have 2 choices to use the free plans: buying a FreedomPop phone or using an old Sprint phone. Typically a FreedomPop phone is a refurbished Samsung or HTC device. The company currently offers 500MB, 200 voice minutes and 500 text messages per month and expects bumping up to 800MB-1GB per month in the near future.

Most of the company’s revenue is from value-added services and freemium packages. The value-added services include phone insurances, international numbers for foreign customers and anonymous browsing feature et al. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of the company says half of their customers pay $14 to $15 per month, which means the company takes in around $7 per customer per month. With a very low overhead and no advertisement cost, the gross margins are very significant.

Before its Series B fundraising, FreedomPop received 6 formal acquisition offers. It finally turned down all the offers and continued fast growing.

Source: Fortune

Delighting Your Dog

What’s your dog eating today? If it’s the same, boring bowl of food you’ve always offered, it’s time to consider the exciting, healthy benefits of Beneful. Made by Purina, a brand you can trust, Beneful is designed to provide healthy, quality ingredients in texture-rich recipes that bring dog food to a whole new level. Beneful offers a wide variety of high quality proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, wholesome grains and antioxidant-rich nutrition and textures to delight your dog.
Purina knows dogs and they developed Beneful to bring out the best in each dog. That’s why they offer Beneful in varieties like Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, Playful Life and Healthy Growth for Puppies, along with oven-baked healthy snacks and Hearty Roasters, Stews and Medleys in their wet foods. Your dog will thrive with the tastes, textures and nutrients in every bowl.
Not only is Beneful designed to help your dog thrive (Petco), it is also scientifically developed and continually tested to ensure the health and safety of your dog. Purina brings the strength of hundreds of scientists, nutrition specialists and quality assurance experts to their manufacturing process to provide healthy, safe foods for your dog.
We know that wolves in the wild obtain their nutrition from both animals and plants. Research has shown that the right combination of proteins, grains and vegetables provide the optimal nutrition for our dogs. To create a dog food that offers the right nutrients in a blend that’s tasty, easily digestible and healthy all in one bowl is a challenge. Beneful meets that challenge with a large variety of tastes, textures and special benefits to meet the needs of your dog.
When dogs have the proper nutrition and are excited by mealtime, chances are they will be ready to engage in playtime as well. Playing and having fun is an important part of your dog’s health and well-being. Just as having a good time reduces your own stress, the same is true for your dog. You can bring out the best in your dog’s physical and mental health just by including different kinds of play in the daily routine.
Beneful offers the full package of nutrition, tastes and textures to optimize the health of your dog and to provide a delightful mealtime experience. In turn, your dog may delight you with a newly energized personality, ready to have fun and play.

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