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Sheryl Underwood is Giving This New Raw Food Vegan Diet Cleanse a Real Shot is a website that caters to the health of the body. They have several supplements that were created to remove toxins safely with natural products. The website itself has several articles on how to eat healthy to feel healthy. also has an article on what foods actually cause toxins to build up in the system, and which ones do not.

Sheryl Underwood, a guest on the Steve Harvey show, explained in details about her miraculous journey while on the full body cleanse found on She explains how she went from being tired and overweight to healthy in less than 45 days. It started with the Dherbs supplements and as she took the product she revamped her entire lifestyle from what and how she ate to exercise. The booklet that came with her kit helped to walk her through the steps that were needed to take the toxins out of the body and to help keep them out. Each product in the kit is sold separately, but Underwood new she needed something to happen for her entire body. She is proud of the body that she has now and the renewed energy she has.


The Female Cleanse product is another fantastic vegan herbal cleaning product that caters to women. It is excellent for women who feel they are having problems due to the change of life, needs menstrual cycles regulated, or just for an added boost to the system. The Female Cleansing product is designed to be taken for 20 days. While following the guidelines of the product and taking the supplement women may lose 10 to 30 pounds. While it helps to optimize the woman’s circulatory system as well as reproductive system it also increases energy.  Look at what real people are finding by visiting TrustPilot reviews, or reading the EarthlyBodies expose.