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Class Dojo Creates a Culture of Community in Classroom

Technology for the classroom is abundant in today’s marketplace. Educational technology, ed tech, runs the gambit from gamifying subject matter to classroom management. What works? And what doesn’t? Ed tech has been on the rise in recent years. A 1.4 billion dollar gain in 2017 means that the field has finally broke the 2016 four year low it hit. How do ed tech start ups become profitable? Many need funding and other resources to start.

Certain start ups had a great fiscal year. The adaptive learning software, NearPod, had 21 million dollar funding in March. This funding helped to develop 300 lessons that were uploaded to Class Dojo has worked tirelessly to support educators. From their humble beginnings, they have evolved into a social media like platform that allows for the sharing of classroom moments, constant communication, as well as, supplementary resources to help educators. Their recent work with Stanford University helped to develop classroom videos and supplementary materials that taught students about growth mindset.

What makes such vastly different ed tech products work? They have to be teacher friendly and approved. Teachers have enough on their plates, so when they look at new software, they want something to enhance their life and ease the workload. Class Dojo helps them to communication with parents outside the sporadic parent teacher conference. That type of software solves a problem. It helps to create a culture of communication among parents and teachers. Parents feel a sense of empowerment in their child’s education.

Ed tech products need to be tested out and proven effective for classroom use. ClassDojo is an app that has been used effectively in 2 out of 3 schools across the nation. From public to private schools, the app has been used by teachers to make their lives easier. Also, they have features to make teacher’s lives less cluttered with paperwork. The widely used app has shown it has the stuff to be effective.

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