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Financial Advisor –David Giertz

Retired individuals are known of saving their hard earned money rather than spending it. This is according to a financial advisor David Giertz. Mr. David says that retirees can learn how to spend their money wisely as they en joy their old age. David says with the assistance of budget and cash reserve, every retired person should be able to have fun in their retired years. He continues to advise the retired people as well as the one just about to retire that the key to a successful retirement is to be able to strategize about the future with a convinced amount of meticulousness. David Giertz says that the odd thing about retired persons is that they are afraid to spend their hard earned cash. However, he says that the good discipline about retirees is that they get to increase in the value of every good thing that life provides. Mr. David believes it is very difficult for retirees to be part of their money.

David Giertz is a renowned financial ad visor who has vast knowledge as well as experience in the financial industry. Immediately after his High School graduation; David joined Millikin University where he graduated with a BS and later earned his master’s degree from the University of Miami. His over 30 years of experience; was earned by him serving in various organizations in different capacities. David was once the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. where he was responsible for the sales and distribution of the organization. During his tenure in the firm; he helped the company grow their profit from $111 billion to $ 17.8 billion. David has also served as the Senior Vice President and Director of several Nationwide Distributor Companies.

David Giertz began his career at Citicorp Investment as a financial Services Advisor. His hard work and devotion in the organization made him climb the career ladder in a short period. He was later appointed as the Area Director and later the executive Vice President of Sales. Mr. David is also a broker who is registered with FINRA. The financial advisor comes from a humble background and he worked hard to educate himself through college. David believes that all employees should be equally treated and respected.

How Don Ressler started and Funded JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and his close partner Don Ressler are some of the most respected figures in the fashion and beauty industry. The duo is believed to be the founders of one of the most successful fashion companies in the world, known as JustFab.Their success has shocked many people in the world. Ressler and his business partner know how to spot and also develop some of the leading brands in the fashion department. Their working strategies have made them leaders in the competitive market that are already dominated by fashion giants.Their passion and fun in business have also been instrumental in their success. The love they portray in their business is not easily found in the competitive market.


Don Ressler and his business friend Adam Goldenberg met when they both were working at a company known as Intermix Media. At that time, Don Ressler was a successful young entrepreneur who was planning to sell his company called Intermix Media acquired the fitness company. The money he acquired from this sale enabled him to start several business ventures.The businessman also acquired over one hundred million dollars in some other ventures. The money was now enough to establish a startup known as Intelligent Beauty.After the sale was successful, Adam and Don decided that they were going to work together at Intelligent Beauty. The fashion company specializing in selling healthy and beauty products to women in the United States. The success of this venture motivated the duo to establish JustFab.


JustFab is a modern fashion company that has shocked the market due to its success. Although it has only been in the market for a short time, JustFab is already doing well, and it has a membership model that attracts customers from all over the world. The company offers different lessons to women concerning how they should wear all the items they purchase. The model shows the women how they will look while dressing in various cloths. The primary objective of the company is to inspire the way the modern woman wears. The firm also wants to ensure that woman acquire the right wardrobe at an affordable rate.


JustFab has been successful for several reasons. First of all, the leaders of the company are very experienced and knowledgeable, and they ensure that the customer gets whatever they need. The professionals hired at the institution are also experienced in different areas. The leaders want to take the fashion industry to better levels.

Preston Smith, Rocketship Education, and his Ten Lessons

For far too long, children whose parents don’t earn much money, particularly those below the poverty line, typically don’t have access to quality schooling. As such, they’re often at significant disadvantages in life, even though their actions have absolutely nothing to do with the widespread lack of good schools. This reasoning appropriately explains the need for Rocketship Education, eighteen schools around the United States that are nonprofit, public, and charter, the last characteristic meaning they receive funding from governments and willing investors, without having to follow the rules of the school boards in their local areas.

This academic year marks the beginning of the eleventh for Rocketship Education. Contemporary chief executive officer Preston Smith co-founded Rocketship Education – or, RSED – in 2007 alongside John Danner, a Bay Area native who is exceptionally good at dealing with electronic devices like tablets, laptops, and the software that runs them. Thanks to Danner, Preston Smith has been left in control of the United States’ pioneer in personalized learning, something never before seen at the K-5 level. In the first ten years of operation, Smith was privy to several lessons that very few other educators were. Let’s dig into them.

Parents, students, and other associated with public schools shouldn’t pout about their non-private status, especially those that are charter schools. Parents that don’t have much money are often upset about their financial situations, especially those with kid that are generally unable to provide for them in a manner they deem acceptable. However, whether students are in the nationwide-leading Rocketship Education network or public schools that consistently score low test scores, parents should be proud, as should students and everybody else tied to them.

Further, parents should be willing to transport their children to be students of other schools in cases where other public schools’ quality of education is low. They shouldn’t just voice their opinions – parents should take action by following through with (peaceful) threats to move students away.

Parents also interview candidates, known to place the heat on them for popping under pressure. As parents aren’t responsible for running Rocketship Education’s schools like administrators are, those who see and interact with new hires on a daily basis, they’re able to apply significantly more interview pressure than those who don’t.


Depression Solutions at Neurocore Brain Performance Center

Major depression affects over 6.7 percent of adults annually. The condition is prevalent among women and presents mainly among adults. More than 70% of people who undergo depression do not seek help. This is mainly because of the stigma associated with mental health and depression. Apparently, depression is a serious medical condition as opposed to personal weakness and can holistically be treated regardless of the cause.

Additionally, depression can present in a personal without obvious external factors. Stressful life, unemployment, death, financial problems and sexual abuse are among the main causes of depression. Research also demonstrates that depression may result from biological factors such as genetics.

Persistent Depression Disorder make a person to experience daily depression which presents for a long period. Postpartum depression on the other hand commences after childbirth and can last for a year or so. Finally, Seasonal Affective Disorder happens regularly for instance during winter or with little sunlight.

Depression signs and symptoms greatly vary between persons. A case in point is numbness, emptiness and persistent sadness. Irregular sleeping patterns, change or lack of interest in prevalent activities and prompt weight loss or gain are also major indicators of depression.

Depression directly affect the physical body resulting to symptoms such as headaches, general tension, short breath and stomach problems. Depression is highly associated with many cases of suicide. Numb symptoms and hopelessness often make people resolve for death as the only solution. One case study demonstrates that 42,773 people in the United States committed suicide in 2014. In general, makes a person less productive at the workplace as well as in the families.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center Experience solely use technology to diagnose and treat their clients. Comprehensive assessment results obtained are exclusively used to enable the client train their brains through personalized programs. Diagnosis carried out in this center include heart rate, breathing and brain wave analysis.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses the brain map obtained from validated diagnostic test to offer proper remedies. The center repetitively engage their clients in positive reinforcement and neurofeedback sessions with the primary goal of training the brain to become more efficient and work better.


In 2015, Anthony Petrello was one of the highest paid CEO’s in America. This didn’t happen just out of sheer luck but rather because of the hard work that the CEO of Nabors Industries Limited puts in his job.

Apart from his natural born leadership and entrepreneurship skill, Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist who seeks to make the human race better. Through his work with the Texas Children’s Hospital where he also sits on the board, Tony’s charitable contributions have ensured that the hospital’s research on neurological disorders in children continues swiftly. The Nabor’s Industries Limited CEO comes from a very humble background, and he spent his youth in New Jersey, Newark.

The philanthropist attended normal public schools. However, his marvelous mathematical abilities could not be overlooked by everyone in his neighborhood. Therefore, it was natural that an Ivy League University will notice his exceptional mathematical abilities. Soon enough Yale came beckoning with a scholarship to study in the campus under the tutelage of Serge Lang who is an incredible professor, mathematician, and author.

Apart from sharpening his mathematical skills, Yale also managed to shape Tony Petrello in various other ways. It is here that his remarkable humor and astounding outgoing personality was also realized. It is also during his campus days that he met his wife, Cynthia. Due to his astounding mathematical skills, many people were surprised that Tony Petrello didn’t venture into the mathematical field.

After graduating from Yale with a master’s and bachelor’s, Petrello surprised his colleagues and professors by enrolling at Harvard’s Law School. Nonetheless, he went on to graduate from the institution, and in 1979 he joined a renowned law firm. During his tenure at Baker & McKenzie, Tony Petrello focused on business law with a specific interest in arbitration and taxation.

After working for the law firm for seven years, Tony Petrello became the New York’s division managing partner.

It was during his tenure at the law firm that he first worked with Nabors Industries Limited. Due to his amazing analytical skills and efficient delivery, the managers of Nabors were attuned to hire Tony. In 1991, Tony first started working for the renowned oil and gas drilling company as a Chief Operating Officer. After a year he made it to the company’s President’s seat. Concurrently he was on the executive committee of the board and the board of directors. In 2011, Tony eventually made it to the top job when he was appointed the CEO of the company. The following year he was appointed the board chairman and the board executive committee chairman.

Tony Petrello has been able to deliver diligently for Nabors Industries by making remarkable deals. These deals include the purchase of Grace Drilling which brought the company over thirty million dollars. In 2010, he was also to bring Superior Well Services under Nabors. These are just some of the remarkable strides that he has been able to make during his tenure at the gas and oil drilling company.

Why End Citizens United Is Pushing For Constitutional Ammendment

The Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United versus F.E.C changed the American elections landscape drastically. That decision gave birth to the idea that corporations are like people. Now there is little accountability if any at all, the money being spent is unlimited and its sources can not be traced to the last dollar.

End Citizens United is a group that launched in 2016 and is dedicated to campaign finance reforms. The group plans to be a big player in the mid term elections in 2018, and has plans to share tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates. The group had raised $4 million from small donors and is on track to bring in around $ 25 million to $30 million. Its core goal is to influence a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. In its first month, the group had managed to get 325,000 people to sign the end Citizens United petition and is demanding that Congress pass the legislation.

The group knows that they need more than a million signatures to sign the petition. To achieve this, they have teamed up with the ‘Ready for Hillary’ movement which has four million followers. If these followers sign the petition, End United Citizens will have the numbers. The bill is an amendment bid that has a lot of backing and support. Super PACs have muddied the elections with their billions being channeled to politics. It is time to get legitimacy back into politics and get morals back into our political arena.

The group was established on 1st March 2015, and it has been fighting tirelessly to fix the rigged political system. Electing campaign finance reform champions is where the journey starts, passing state ballot measures and bringing the issue onto a national platform to shed light on the matter. The route to achieving this won’t be easy. It is an uphill battle, but the reward is worth the struggle.

America was founded on principles of hard work and fighting for what one supports. The efforts to overturn the 2010 ruling must start from the grassroots. It has been a while since the country passed a constitutional amendment; no amendment has been done since 1992. It is now time for a change. The group chose to back Democrats and not Republicans as they are leading the fight. Most stakeholders across the board believe that too much dirty money from sources like the Koch Brothers has made its way into politics. The choice has not stopped Republican leaders in Congress from standing firmly against overturning the Supreme Court decision.

There are people who claim that the task that the PAC is trying to perform is a little bit beyond what they can achieve. The CEO of the group says that while they understand the odds stacked against them, they firmly believe that it is possible to change what is ailing the system.

How perfect performance has led to the success of James Dondero

James as the CEO of Highland Capital Management
The growing demand for quality services has seen James Dondero receive a lot of endorsements for very lucrative positions. Currently, Dondero holds the prestigious position of the President of the Highland Capital Management. The company is currently one of the richest in Dallas. It helps investors to make good choices when it comes to real estate. It equally develops different structures and makes good sales to the interested clients.
The journey to entrepreneurship
As James was growing up, he had an idea that he wanted to be an entrepreneur someday. Like any other ambitious young man, Mr. Dondero did not have a particular business in mind. He kept the dream of owning a company to himself and proceeded with the normal race of life. After graduating from the University of Virginia, James got a job at the Protective Life where he realized his potential in business. Later, Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer at the American Express where he made a lot of profits for the company. His outstanding performances provoked his thoughts for owning a business. Later, James Dondero with his partner Mark Okada proceeded with their plans to start the Highland Capital Management. Currently, the company has over $20 billion in assets.
Giving back to the community
The Highland Capital Management is currently based in Dallas. The company has over 165 employees who all work in the capital. As a moral duty, James Dondero and his co-founder Mark Okada have ensured that most of the employees reside in Dallas. The provision of employment has been an important step in empowering the people around so that they can be independent. As an individual, James takes part in the development activities in Dallas both in appearance and in financial aid.
The philanthropic work
Unlike most of the millionaires in the United States, James loves to do his charity work in private. He does not just support any activity unless there is a positive impact on the society. Currently, the CEO has his focus on the education sector where he has a strong desire to help students go through their education process successfully.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter @jamesdondero.

Logan Stout, Helping People Add Value To Their Life

Logan Stout is a best-selling author, business owner, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and philanthropist. He is so successful in his career, he has generated billions in revenue.

His current focus is in the health and wellness industry. He partnered up with celebrity fitness trainer Jen Widerstrom, billionaire Darwin Deason and football legend Troy Aikman. Together, they formed IDLife LLC that launched in 2014. There goal is to provide the world with quality nutritional products and to educate them on health and wellness practices. His book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams” has inspired readers to strive to reach their potential.

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On top of his successful business ventures, Stout founded the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. The organization was created to mentor youth within the community. It is now considered one of the largest organizations in the world providing the best coaches, instructors and mentors. He has appeared on television including The Dallas Morning News and various radio programs. Logan Stout came up with the idea for IDNutrition after doing an interview with Fox Business News regarding his book. A stranger recognized him from the interview and asked to meet with him to discuss his customized vitamin program. The man educated Stout on the products and explained that all of his ingredients were natural and organic. Each one was hormone-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO. Since Logan was a former baseball athlete and always concerned with dietary supplements and vitamins, he became extremely interested. Eventually he was able to acquire the asset and that is when IDNutrition was born. Logan states that brainstorming is one of his favorite things to do. He loves getting as many people as possible in one room to collaborate. He believes coming up with ideas and strategies are more effective with a group then just one individual. Logan lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife and two sons.

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Securus Technologies: At The Forefront Of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a company that stands out for being one of the biggest prison communications providers in the entire country. The company has a range of services that they offer to inmates, ranging from video calls to voice calls and also entertainment. Public safety is one of the primary objectives of the company, which is what the company tries to enforce through all the services that they provide. Securus Technologies has a large number of prisons in the country that make use of the services that they provide. But it is not just American prisons that the company caters to. Securus Technologies also offers their services to incarceration facilities across Canada.


Securus Technologies also offers inmate monitoring systems. This is done so that the company can ensure that their services are not being used for suspicious activities. The company monitors all the communications that go on and gives them to the appropriate judicial authorities for their records. The company has also assisted the system by providing them evidence of the criminal activity that goes on inside prisons.


With the growth of the company and the numerous amount of people that they serve, the company set up one of the largest call centers in the entire country. These centers are operational round the clock and are there to answer any queries or concerns that inmates or their family on the outside may have. This has significantly improved their customer service, which in turn has helped the business immensely.


Securus Technologies has incredibly high standards when it comes to the services that they provide. The organization was awarded an A+ certification by the Better Business Bureau based in Texas for their outstanding work in the field. The company has worked hard to be one of the best in the country, and it shows in everything that the company does.


The Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a renowned finance executive who currently works in a real estate private firm found in Brazil. At the company, Audi is responsible for investor matters, asset management, and fundraising.

However, Cassio did not begin his career in finance when he was young. Before moving into the financial activities, Audi was in the music industry. When he was young, Cassio Audi was a professional and well-known musician. Audi joined a Brazilian metal music band known as Viper. The other members of the band included Pit Paddarel, Yves Passarel, Felipe Machado, and Andre Machado. In the mid-1980s the band was already in the market. In the band, everybody had a special role. Cassio Audi was given the role of a drummer. In his role as a drummer, Cassio did an outstanding job in all their performances, making him one of the most valued members of the band. Cassio and his band got their inspiration and motivation from Iron Maiden (a remarkable heavy metal music band).

Due to their experience in the music industry, the group released their first album called The Killer Sword. Immediately the album was launched into the market, it got a lot of attention especially from young individuals who listened to rock music. Many tracks on the album became hits. The band later released another album known as Soldiers of Sunrise. One of the songs on the album was written by Cassio. The album soon became famous among fans of heavy metal music. Due to their prowess and success in the music world, Cassio Audi together with his band received many awards. Finally, after the release of the album (Soldiers of Sunrise), and having performed on many occasions, in 1989 Cassio Audi decided to leave the band and venture into business.

Audi studied and graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a Master of Business Administration degree.