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Understanding the Work and Experience of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is a business lawyer who has been practicing for several years. When it comes to ranking Brazilian attorneys, Ricardo Tosto continuously is hailed as one of the most important and credible attorneys in the country. This is referenced by the fact that his is ranked as a Legal 500 professional. He works for the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros, which also happens to be one of the top ten attorneys in the nation. By understanding the award winning credentials of Ricardo Tosto, you’ll feel at ease when getting his assistance for any sort of commercial law.

1: Ricardo Tosto has incredibly solid credentials

The credentials of Ricardo Tosto are glowing, since he is International Bar Association certified. He also holds certification in the Brazilian Bar Association. In terms of education credentials, Tosto graduated from Mackenzie with a degree in law.

2: This law firm handles a lot of different specialties

There are a lot of specialties that Tosto and his firm deal with. This is a firm that is all-encompassing when it comes to corporate law – to include matters like intellectual property and business crimes.

3: Ricardo Tosto is a very accomplished writer in the legal field

Finally, Tosto is known as a political writer whose articles have appeared in a lot of different magazines. He has a strong presence in the media and has worked on a lot of different councils and boards offering prospective and legal advice. Without hyperbole, he is one of the top lawyers in the entire nation of Brazil and has been called upon to try some of the toughest legal cases in Brazil court history.

These three points explain exactly why you will the able to put faith in the work that Ricardo Tosto offers every single day. This firm is renowned among the many different business professionals in Brazil – which is how they receive Latin Chambers accreditation in the year 2017 and Legal 500 status in 2016. Get in touch with them if you need any sort of representation.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Develop A New Cancer Care Protocol

The chance to find a faster and easier way of working with cancer specialists has been developed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the form of the direct access allowed to the clinical operating system where oncologists have provided access to information about the movement of cancer in their patients. Both patients and specialists will find benefits in the use of an enlarged database of information that allows each individual the chance to explore the options open to them in finding the correct treatment for their specific form of cancer.

Over the course of the 2016 and into 2017 this development from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been introduced with the aid of the Eviti system that allows patients and specialists access to their treatment plan. Among these benefits patients will see are the development of faster access to information for clinicians who will be able to identify treatments that have proven successful in other patients and replicate them in a successful way.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been looking to develop the best possible range of activities and treatment options that will aid in treating those with cancer. Traditional mainstream treatments and those seen as complementary treatments are all combined to create a new and more natural way of battling cancers in their many different forms. Among the areas of interest for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the use of complimentary medicines that can be used to battle the issues seen with complications from chemotherapy and other traditional cancer treatments.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America now operates five hospital locations across the U.S. to allow a larger number of individuals than ever before to find assistance with their own cancer battle. Founded in 1988, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fully accredited after achieving Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission.

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Honey Birdette Poised for Global Expansion

If you haven’t heard of Australian based luxury lingerie company Honey Birdette, you surely will soon. The company recently announced a massive plan for expansion in the United Kingdom and United Kingdom after an opening of its first three locations outside of Australia saw a booming success last year and its online sales are through the roof and up to the sky.

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first upscale lingerie boutique. It was founded by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006 after she and a friend shared glasses of champagne discussing how they had limited access to finding quality, luxury lingerie and high end accessories for the bedroom.

Soon after, Honey Birdette was launched and the company has only seen rapid growth from there. The company has a loyal following of customers that come back time and time again to purchase lingerie and accessories. Honey Birdette offers lingerie to fit every style and taste – everything from soft, classic looks, to a full line of S&M outfits and accessories. The company currently has 55 locations in Australia.

As far as growth, it seems honey Birdette is primed to take on the world. The announcement of its new website designed exclusively to cater to its US customers came as a major excitement, as the company saw over 370% growth in US online sales last year. The US site is designed to offer a user experience tailored to give Americans a better experience with things like faster shipping and free shipping with any order exceeding $50.

Honey Birdette opened three retail locations in the United Kingdom last year, and saw such massive success that they now announced 40 additional locations to be opened by the end of 2018. Retail locations will begin opening in Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle and will continue to expand into additional cities with the type of clientele that appreciates the high end offerings of Honey Birdette.

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Goettl’s tips to summer savings with your HVAC unit


Every year the price to heat and cool your home just goes up. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on your energy bill without blinking an eye. If you are tired of this and are on a budget the HVAC experts at Goettl Air have a couple of tips to help you reduce that annoying monthly bill.

Maintain your unit and weatherize your home. These two tips can help you save a load on your energy bill. Weatherizing your home will ensure that your home will keep the cool air in during the summer, and warmth during the winter. You can do this by making sure your home is properly insulated and that it has not have gaps or cracks. You can also use radiant barriers in your attic and apply window tint/film on your windows. Maintaining your HVAC unit will extend its life and reduce that money you have to spend on repairs. This includes changing your air filters every one to three months.

Investing in a programmable thermostat, a.k.a smart thermostat, will help control how much energy you use and will be more efficient in the long run. If your air conditioning unit is really run down and old, you may consider investing in a new one. It will save money in the long run by being more efficient and not needing as many repairs as an old HVAC unit.

Goettl is a well known heating and air conditioning company located in the Southwest part of the United States. They specialize in the harsher weather conditions of that region. They offer HVAC units, repairs, maintenance plans, geothermal, duct sealing, plumbing services, and much more.

It all started out in 1926 when three brothers embarked on their journey to create a superior heating and air conditioning company that could not be matched. Goettl was established in 1939 and has been winning over customers ever since.

The Innovative Focus of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar’s unrivaled financial leadership and expertise have gained him success in industries that include commercial, retail, mergers and acquisitions and more.His skills encompass creative sales concepts, finding venture capital as well as marketing strategies. Bonar’s more than 30 years of experience began with IBM U.K. Ltd. where he worked for about 17 years as a procurement manager before joining QMS, a high performance color and monochrome printer supplier, as executive director of engineering. At QMS he also supervised approximately 100 engineers in the areas of software and hardware advancement.

He previously worked for other companies that include Rastek, Adaptec, Allegiant Professional, Smart-Tek Automated Services and Bezier Systems before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994. He currently holds the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Dalrada as well as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept.According to a story, Bonar’s unrivaled financial leadership set up the solid groundwork for his unique career. The story also pointed out how his personal traits, flexibility and principles played a vital part in his achievements.For example, at Dalrada Bonar is positioned to supervise activities of the company as he has handled a broad variety of employer and employee benefits and direct sales.

The company specializes in putting forward a wide range of employee products that enhance business efficiency, such as financial administration, human resource services and risk management.In 2011 Bonar deepened his responsibilities taking on the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept.The company provides services to small and mid-sized companies that take in payroll administration, employee benefits and long term and temporary staffing.What’s more, Bonar heads Imaging Technologies Corporation, a document imaging provider. He has been engaged in increasing the company’s market through strategic acquisition.

Distinguished for his skills, Bonar received the Cambridge Who’s Who award, which recognizes executives for their leadership performance and professional achievements.Making the most of his sharp businessman’s reputation, the San Diego businessman recently invested in a restaurant in Escondido he named Bellamy’s.The restaurant is already recognized for its approach to cuisine as it provides a blend of California Modern combined with robust French inspirations. And last year Bellamy’s won the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Winner award.Bonar’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Strathclyde and an MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University.

Great EOS Lip Balm Flavors For Everyone

There are a lot of options when you are looking at lip balm flavors for your needs. You may be wondering what sets EOS apart from everyone else. The answer is clear, their unique flavors.


Berry Flavors

There are several berry flavors that are sweet and that taste good when they are used, buy at The biggest one is Strawberry. This flavor is one of the most popular and can be found in most places. This flavor is in a pink container that looks the same as the slight tint you might get from the lip balm.


Another great flavor is blueberry. This flavor is sweet and has the best blueberry smell. It also is pretty popular and can be found in many places that offer EOS Lip Balm. It’s also a soft blue color and is fun to carry around with you.


Minty Flavor

These flavors are close to a mint. They may have a touch of vanilla as well that gives them an interesting sweet mint taste. This helps them to not just give you a minty fresh feel, but also have a bit of sweet in them.


The biggest seller in this is really a straight mint flavor. This is a strong flavor that is only for those that really can stand the full on mint flavor they will get, but they will get a fresh taste on their lips. Move over this site,


The kind that have the vanilla in it is a toned down mint flavor that is great for still having that minty fresh taste as well as a sweet after taste. This flavor is a fun addition to your EOS collection and is a great go to when you want something only a little sweet.


There are a lot of flavors you can choose from. The trick is to find the one that is going to get you the flavor you want and that will work best for you. Look into EOS lip balm today.


EOS – Fun, Fun, Fun! The Harp – A Symbol of Ireland and the EOS Product – A Symbol of True Beauty

Did you know that the Irish word for “Harp” is “Clàrsach”? For this beautiful and uniquely special instrument has its deep roots and origins within Ireland itself. Unbeknownst to many outside nations, it is the emblem of Ireland and the nation’s pride and joy. Now, how does this funny story connect to lip balm products – and more importantly, those of EOS? You’ll see.

First, as a national symbol displayed on certain seals, passports, flags, documents, coins and universities, there is much respect for the harp from within its residents. Time and history have apparently lost the original, actual date and occurrence of the harp though many claim the harp to have gone as far back as Creation. Interestingly enough, the original lip balm products were found to originate at a very similar date – what’s funny is that they were extremely messy yet highly popular and sought by many in their time, much like the harp, see more. Though the new EOS flavors and products are as intensely popular, if not more, sellers have thankfully managed to remove the more messy and imperfect qualities, giving you a flavor that sticks and a rich history of where the product comes from – its history. Check out the latest fashion video here on

I have been blessed to travel across numerous cities, countries, continents and shores: I have been on several islands, cruises, excursions, hostels and hotel adventures, roundtrip and international long-haul flights and even all-inclusive resort vacations; I have even been to Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, but there is one thing I have not found thus far in all my excursions, adventures, history lessons and personally humiliating experiences – an EOS roll-on balm product or flavor that I did not like.

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Ricardo Tosto on Growing Fields in the Brazilian Legal Arena

Following a decade of explosive economic growth, Brazil has been battling recession for the last few years, and the country’s legal industry has not been immune to the effects of the downturn. Despite a so-so hiring climate for lawyers in the recent years, two legal fields have been promising for young attorneys looking to start their careers in the bar.


It can be difficult to find qualified tax attorneys in Brazil, so lawyers who have specialized in tax law during their undergraduate or post-graduate training have an advantage when it comes to finding work, as do lawyers with training in accounting.

There has been a resurgence in hiring since the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals resumed operations after a corruption probe into the court’s activities. As a result, the backlog of cases is being expedited, pushing demand for qualified counsel to know more: click here.

Labor and Employment Law

This has traditionally been one of the most popular fields of law in Brazil due to the extensive nature of legal regulations surrounding employment. Job losses stemming from the recession have led to a major uptick in the number of wrongful termination claims being filed, which has also prompted an increase in demand for labor lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto is the founding partner of a law firm in Sao Paulo that handles both taxation and employment cases. After earning his bachelor of laws degrees from one of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious law schools, Ricardo Tosto’s one-man law firm turned into one of the city’s most sought-after firms.

For Ricardo Tosto, the law is about relationships. In his view, one of the key ingredients to success in law is the team work he fosters among his associates and partners. According to Ricardo Tosto, his firm is “one big happy family,” and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cassio Audi Delves Into Brazilian Financial Management to Assist Brazilians in Investing

Cassio Audi is fondly known as a Brazilian investment manager. His music history is barely known but recalled by many who were around when he made a strong music profile as a drummer for Viper. Audi was among the founding fathers of Viper. This was in 1985. He was an active musician until 1989. He closely worked with Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado as well as Andre Machado in advancing the music career. These Brazilian teenagers were highly influenced by an emerging British band called Iron Maiden. As the drummer, Audi was reportedly instrumental in the band.


In 1985, Viper made a hit by recording an album called The Killera Sword. Cassio was still the drummer. The tracks in this album included Nightmare, Killera, and Signs of the Night. The group later landed on Soldiers of Sunrise as a hit that sold the music band to Brazilians. Being passionate about music production, he continued to participate in the band even after releasing Soldiers of the Sunrise. He played the drums until 1987. The album was a reflection of how committed and talented the group was. Through the skills of the team, Brazilians found a platform to have fun. Fans adored the skills of the five team members who had amazing lyrics.


Audi left Viper in 1989. He did not participate in the second album recording that featured Theatre of Fate. Cassio joined campus and focused on the economic state of Brazil. Currently, Cassio Audi is an investment manager. With over two decades in the finance sector, Cassio understands the ropes of investment in Brazil. He has garnered experience in startups, private and public companies. Over the years, he has contributed to the start of many businesses. He is prominent for promoting many businesses through his talent and expertise. Cassio’s primary focus is assisting Brazilians in investing.

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EOS Lip Balm Provides Quality, Organic Lip Relief to Dry Lips

EOS Lip Balms are a line of lip products that provide a variety of flavored lip balms that are 95% organic, 100% natural, and is both paraben and petroleum free. These lip products are also packed with nutrients that are great for your lips like Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oils to name a few essentials they include, click here. The product is also very reasonably priced so that it’s affordable to many people. The round and colorful pot of lip balm runs about $3.29 and comes in a variety of flavors and colors to suit the customer’s personal preferences.

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EOS Lip Balms are also customer-friendly as they are made in the USA and are guaranteed to be 100% gluten free and 100% natural in the ingredients with which they are made, more info here on The lip balms come in a variety of flavors as well including flavors like strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, and lemon drop to just name a few flavors! This means that everyone can find a flavor that suits them. There are even limited-edition flavors of lip balms available for certain holidays and seasons that you can buy only for a certain amount of time.

EOS Lip Balm products are also available in retailer outlets like Target, so finding them should never be a problem! Orders can also be placed on the EOS Lip Balm website from anywhere in the country. Go to for more amazing EOS updates.