Nikolas Krafft impact on the fashion industry

Nikolas Krafft holds a senior position of the management of Global Business Development L’Oreal. He has served four different positions in the past, including being a managing director and the deputy general manager of Eastern Europe L’Oreal. Through his previous jobs, he has been able to acquire knowledge and skills. He pursued his studies at the University of St. Gallen where he graduated with a degree in business management. Later, he did further studies at INSEAD, where he undertook the corporate general management program. Currently, he is committed to the fashion industry and guarantees they will prosper with time.

Did you know that fashion contributes hugely to the economy of the world?

L’Oreal Paris held the second annual fashion and beauty show in the French city which had a floating catwalk on stage. Besides displaying their fresh looks, the outstanding occasion offered a chance for the brand to make fashion goods available. The show was free to the public to attend and there were also popular celebrities of fashion who participated in the event. There were huge screens across the location to allow individuals to view the event while in their line of duty. The show was being filmed by drones and aired in over 30 nations. By doing this, they ensured they assisted L’Oreal to advertise their products worldwide. The event was under the management and supervision of Nikolas Krafft.

The event presented a high degree of uniqueness and innovativeness which are the foundation of L’Oreal Paris motivation. Through Nikolas Krafft influence, there were popular individuals in the entertainment sector, such as Nikolaj and Marie Bochet. They came to support the fashion show and also promote the industry. The occasion was a chance to show the recent fashion styles and display beauty globally. L’Oreal makeup expert Val Garland and hairstylist Stephanie Lancien made 70 different hair and makeup styles for the event. The highly qualified artists did their best to ensure the models suited well with the outfits. Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable while style is more about being you.

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