Kimberly Bakker: How To Throw An Incredible Holiday Event Without The Stress


The holidays are just around the corner, this means preparing for your family multiple dinner events that include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a New Year’s party! Before you know it you’ll be running around town attempting to gather as many supplies as you can before the big days.

Introducing Kimberly Bakker, San Francisco’s most sought-after event planners and a devoted mother of a beautiful little girl, so she understands a thing or two about juggling a family and planning for a big event.

In addition to her full service consulting firm, the Kimberly Bakker Events, she serves on the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters and Blue Star Music Camp, as well as on the committees for several San Francisco-based non-pro!t organizations that aid animals, homeless and youths, and is a member of the Society of California Pioneers. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Therefore we’ve compiled some of Kimberly Bakker’s most useful holiday event planning tips, so sit back and take some notes!

Be a Gracious Event-Host

Understandably we always want to be running around the room making sure everyone has enough to drink and the music is just right, however, according to Kimberly Bakker, one has to stop and allow themselves to be a part of their own event. Remember, your family decided to spend the holidays with you so give them a little bit of your time.

The Heirloom

Kimberly Bakker always finds ways to give her events a sense of hospitality and warmth, therefore she will utilize her grandmother’s old silverware to give that effect, and you can too. This object doesn’t just have to be dinnerware, it can be as simple as a tree ornament. Your family will appreciate your keeping the memory of past loved ones alive and at the same time create an environment of togetherness.

Be A Delegator

The “Momtrepreneur” comments that doing everything yourself will only leave you with two things, a bad event and added stress. She recommends not being afraid to ask for help. This can be simple tasks such as preparing the dinner table, laying out the baked goods or keeping those two relatives that don’t exactly see eye to eye apart from each other. The fact is, this will remove a lot of unnecessary attention.


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