Peter Briger: Moving With Innovation

Peter Briger had a lengthy career when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He later joined in 2002 the powerful innovative company called Fortress Investment Group. He is in charge of the Credit division that has a strong focus when it comes to the real estate business and credit. Briger has been highly successful in his endeavors as he has reached the Forbes 400 as a long lasting member. He is recognized around the world as a global business professional that knows how to get things done. While working at Goldman Sachs he took on membership with the Asian management Global Control and Compliance, and Japan Executive committees. The work that he put in for debt vehicles and real estate was mainly in Asia. This key background skill-set gave Peter Briger the capabilities to help in Fortress’ buyout from a Japanese conglomerate in banking. Read the article at to learn more about Peter Briger.

Peter Briger has an extensive background of sitting on the prestigious board of the Princeton University Investment company. He has always been an active supporter financially when it comes to the Central Park Conservancy. In addition to that, Peter Briger has spent his time helping and assisting the not for profit organization called Tipping Point. They are setup to serve families that are low income within the San Francisco area. His board attendance is also seen with Caliber School, a well known network among some of the best charter schools. His undergrad study of education is impressive with an M.B.A. from Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania.

Fortress Investment Group has managed nearly 43 billion in assets with an investor base that reached to 1,750 investors and growing. They have a main focus in permanent capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. The company lives by its strategy of “strong risk adjust returns’ for all investors that help them in the long term. The main headquarters are in New York with a staff that is well over 900 people. Inside their operations management, Fortress has crafted trendy tools where they know how to extract the value from most, if not all, of the investments they are engaged in.

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