Oren Frank Makes A Big Hire At Talkspace To Expand What His Company Can Offer

Oren Frank is one of the co-founders of Talkspace. He is also the chief executive officer of this company and manages its business development and strategic vision. His company developed a website and app through which users can get access to a licensed therapist. People can use desktops, laptops, and both Android and Apple mobile devices to seek out help on either a one-time basis or on a weekly basis as needed. Talkspace has now been in business for six years and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Taking the next step for his company, Oren Frank recently hired Neil Leibowitz to be Talkspace’s chief medical officer. Prior to Leibowitz arriving at Talkspace, they didn’t have this position. The reason that Oren Frank created this position was so that Talkspace’s psychiatrists could start prescribing medications for the people using their services if they need them. The psychiatrists are independent consultants and in order to meet both state and federal laws, they will only be able to subscribe medicines after talking to a person through a video tool.

Neil Leibowitz had been an insurance executive at UnitedHealth before Oren Frank hired him. His background will beef up the corporate side of Talkspace which Oren Frank says should be about half of his company’s revenues by the close of 2018. They entered this market in 2017 when Talkspace formed a partnership with another insurance company, Magellan Health, which is focused on providing its services through employers.

Oren Frank has a Twitter account that he uses to show people what Talkspace is all about and to add his voice to other discussions. He recently commented on a research paper that showed a link between heavy social media use and teenagers developing ADHD. These kids are twice as likely to develop issues such as a lack of attention and hyperactivity as compared to other teens. He said that his company stood ready to help.

He also commented on an article about the CMS perhaps allowing payments to physicians who provide virtual check-ins. Oren Frank indicated he thought it was about time this move was made. This development would expand reimbursement opportunities for those in the healthcare industry.

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