Wesley Edens, an investor, family man and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens was born on October, 30th 1961. He is an American businessman and a financial expert. Edens is also the co-founder of the most prominent financial investment Group in the world. The fortress investment company was established in 1998. The brains behind the business involved five co-principals. The Organisation is well known for its remarkable services. They are the number one service providers involving financial and asset management.

Over the years, the Institution has earned the trust of millions of clients. All the high net worth companies and individuals visit the firm for all asset and financial management services. The company has faced tough moments along the way. However, the qualified and very efficient financial experts working in the company have ensured that everything runs as expected. Wes Edens and his colleagues have been at the forefront to oversee that business run swiftly.

Apart from his professional life at Fortress Investment Group, Edens is also the owner of the famous basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks’. The team is based in Wisconsin. Wes Edens co-owns the sports club with businessman Marc Lasry. The duo has transformed the Milwaukee Basketball club since they took over.

Wesley Edens is also the owner of the League of Legends team Fly Quest. The financial expert is known for his remarkable business ideas. He is a business minded person. Whenever he is not doing business or attending to responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group, he is enjoying time with his family back in New York. He has one wife and four beautiful daughters. To know more about him click here.

His hobbies are Horse jumping and mountain climbing. Most people ask him if he can do mountain climbing at his age.

Prior joining Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens had served in two companies. He started working at Lehman Brothers. After that, he joined Blackrock’s. The firm was private equity at the moment. After serving for three years, he quit and decided to do something different.

Under Eden’s management, the Fortress investment group publicly traded on February 9, the year 2009. Wes Edens, together with his co-principals have managed to transform the firm to be a world-class organisation.

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