Quick and Dirty Political Organizing Tips with NGP VAN

Political organizers may only be busy every other year, or at least this is so for national elections. People working on local campaigns must work hard every year, especially at the city and county level. The job can be stressful, but a few simple tips can help make things easier. The important thing, for any organizers, is to know who is most likely to vote for the candidate. Some of these tips will be obvious, as they are part of any political organizer’s normal routine.


Pay Attention to the News

Politicians try to influence the way the press reports them, and government officials often try to control the information that reaches the public. This does not always work as intended. Reporters follow their own codes and are more interested in delivering the truth to their readers than delivering a candidate’s specific message. The news can help the political organizers know where the candidate’s strengths are and the weaknesses of the opponents. This works in reverse as well.


Figure Out Which Part of Your Demographic is Least Able to Vote

Churches and other community organizations often organize trips to the polls to allow people to vote. Technically, the former does this through other organizations. Naturally, a political organizer wants to have as many people who can vote for his candidate do so. Put out advertisers and organize a campaign to help people get to the polls on election day.


Offer Free Things to All Voters

Candidates and people polling for a given candidate is not allowed within a certain distance of the polls on election day. However, at almost all election places there are people who hand out mints, drinks, and other items that voters may want. This is a good place to put up signs for those voters who are still undecided on their way to the polls. Try to get the poll workers to engage the voters before the voters go into the polls. This is the last time to change the mind of anyone who might be swayed.


Perhaps the hardest thing for campaign organizers to do is to let the candidate speak for himself or herself. It is not always possible for national campaigns or even state campaigns. It is, however, an easy thing to do in local campaigns. School board members, mayors of many places, and city council members can easily connect with their constituents and their most likely voters.





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