September, 2018

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Organo Gold Introduces the Coffee Connoisseur Club

Organo Gold is a global business that sells premium beverages and personal care products. They offer coffees, teas, and nutraceuticals which are available exclusively through their independent distributor network. This is called the Coffee Connoisseur Club in both the United States and Canada. They were established in 2008 and have their headquarters located in Chiswick neighborhood of London, England.

In order to train new independent distributors, they opened Organo Gold University in Houston, Texas. At this building, new independent distributors learn all about what Organo Gold offers to customers. They also learn how to operate their own independent business selling Organo Gold products and how to become effective salespeople. They also regularly hold events around the world for their independent distributors to learn about new products and network with one another.

It has been remarked on that there have been three waves of coffee in the United States. The first one started decades ago and basically got American used to drinking coffee. There wasn’t a lot of variety offered during this wave. The second wave started in the 1970s in the Pacific Northwest. Coffee shops started popping up offering new flavors and varieties of coffee to people. It also gave people a place to gather and share their passion for coffee with other people.

Organo Gold is part of the third wave of coffee in America. This wave focuses on the quality of the coffee instead of marketing it or the social side of it. The coffee itself takes center stage rather than anything else. This wave of coffee consumption is partially about not wanting to drink bad coffee anymore and partially all about the desire to drink great coffee instead as one entrepreneur in the industry put it.

Breaking down the investment strategy employed by the Fortress Investment Group

When Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Robert (Rob) Kauffman came together twenty years ago, they knew that they wanted to start an investment vehicle that they would use to grow their own portfolios and probably help others secure their financial futures by investing through their group. Have been able to raise 400 million in assets under management they set to start the Fortress Investment Group. Today the group has grown to a staggering 40 plus billion-dollar group. They have a diverse portfolio that includes

Private Equity

This entails a portfolio worth around three billion dollars. The private equity wing of the Fortress Investment Group is driven by a strategy that entails General buyout and sector-specific funds. This strategy has seen the group focus on control-oriented investments. These are assets where the group has either full control or majority control. It can be seen in investments such as the acquisition of AIG Which is today known as SpringLeaf Financial nan industry leader that now controls more than 14 billion assets under management. These investment strategies have helped Fortress to focus on asset-based businesses and cash-flow generating assets and in various geographical locations that include North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Permanent Capital Vehicles

What the Fortress Investment Group refers to as permanent investment vehicles entails a number of Publicly traded companies. These are companies that are industry leaders in their sectors and have helped them strengthen their portfolios in a wide variety of real estate related assets. They have also been essential in the transportation & infrastructure are a key example being BrightLine. This is a private railroad company that recently introduced a new route between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This helped reduce the commute the that previously took approximately two hours in peak traffic to just 35 minutes. Fortress also has an interest in media-related assets. This class of assets entails about 7.5 billion dollars.

Credit Private Equity

This is the largest portfolio within the group’s investments. It has been led by every able hand in the name of Peter Briger with a total of 17.9 billion dollars. This includes a recent investment of 20 million dollars to iPass a company that provides hotspots to residents and corporate clients all over the world. Today the company is the biggest provider of WIFI hotspots in the world.

Credit Hedge Funds

This entails its second largest portfolio with 8 billion dollars,the Fortress Investment Group has invested in opportunistic lending situations and distressed assets.

Infinity Group Australia Just Keeps Helping Everyday Australians And Is Now Getting Recognized For Its Valuable Work:

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, Infinity Group Australia has been making a massive difference in the lives of everyday Australians in regard to helping them reduce their debt and pay off their home loans. Graeme Holm originally had the inspiration for founding Infinity Group Australia during his time working in the loan industry. He noticed that a lot of Australians really didn’t get very good deals when it came to home loans and they then, often had trouble making their payments. Graeme wanted to create a firm that incorporated the concept of financial coaching into the loan repayment and debt reduction process. In this manner, Infinity Group Australia is really there for its clients every step of the way through their loan repayment process. The results have been quite outstanding, to put it mildly. Infinity Group Australia clients pay of more on their home loans in three months than they had been able to manage previously in an entire year. This is because the company is there through the whole process, giving financial coaching and helping clients to set budgets that still allow for them to enjoy their lives while at the same time, streamlining things so that the debt is getting paid off at a much faster rate than previously.


The innovative approach that Infinity Group Australia has used to help everyday Australians with their loan payments has received a lot of high praise. Among this praise is the 2018 recognition of the firm as one of the most innovative companies in all Australia and New Zealand. This prestigious list is compiled annually by the Australian Financial Review, one of the preeminent financial publications in the country. The competition was stiff, to say the least, and thousands of firms vied for a spot in the top one-hundred list. Overall, Infinity Group Australia came in at an impressive number fifty-eight. Graeme Holm was thrilled about receiving this piece of recognition for his company’s hard work and gave a huge amount of credit to his dedicated team of professionals that work for Infinity Group Australia. The company hopes that this exposure will allow it to help even more everyday Australians who might need some assistance in reducing their debt and paying off their home loans. At the end of the day, helping people out is at the heart of what the folks at Infinity Group Australia do best. Learn more :


An Overview of Neurocore

The brain is a very powerful and complex organ of the body. This organ is among the most resilient and adaptable in the body and is responsible for a number of significant functions. These include regulating thoughts, behaviors, emotions and perceptions. The overall structure of the brain is quite complex. It is made up of billions of neurons which are responsible for regulating the flow of chemical signals throughout the brain. With each neuron, a person is able to think, feel and process any information that a person receives. Since the brain is among the most complex organs of the body, it is important to study it on a regular basis in order to better understand it. There has been significant progress in finding out more about the brain. However, researchers are still looking to find out even more critical information about how this organ functions.

In an effort to find out more about the brain and how it functions, researchers have come up with advances in EEG technology. They have also been able to develop brain mapping and neurofeedback in order to help better understand the brain. Companies such as Neurocore have been at the forefront of these developments. Neurocore has been very involved in providing neurofeedback in order to help find out more about the total mental acuity of the brain. Along with using neurofeedback, Neurocore has also been very active in helping people overcome common mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. It has also helped people overcome the effects of anther common mental disorder known as attention deficit disorder. Many of the most common ways to research and learn more about the brain have been around since the mid twentieth century.

Neurocore is a leading brain research and treatment center in the United States. For over a decade since 2004, the company has been at the center of helping people address a number of issues pertaining to brain functioning. The company helps research and treats mental disorders for both children and adults. In order to best treat mental disorders, Neurocore uses a wide range of options that include neurofeedback and EEG technology. Over the years, these methods have helped a number of people learn more about how the brain works and also assist them with making improvements on their overall cognitive functioning.


Ara Chackerian Shares Some Of His Views On Healthcare In The US And Elsewhere

Ara Chackerian is known for his business skills and philanthropy. He is an investor in the healthcare industry who has helped build a number of startups. The types of healthcare firms he creates are based heavily on technology. He also owns a business in Nicaragua which is focused on environmentalism. This is Limonapa Teak which strictly uses environmentally-friendly agricultural practice to grow teak which is then used for furniture and other purposes. Limonapa Teak also employs hundreds of local people who earn good wages.

His latest business utilizes TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian says that this is used on people who have depression and talk therapy and medication, the usual ways to treat this, have not helped them. TMS has shown itself to be an effective treatment for these people and it has been approved by the FDA. Ara says that along with his longtime business partner they have extensive experience with outpatient care including having built a chain of outpatient diagnostic radiology centers. they chose to partner with Dr. Richard Bermudas who has been using this form of treatment in his practice for the past 10 years. Check out


Ara Chackerian says that it is not just the United States among first-world nations that have grave concerns about their healthcare systems. He says that the costs of health care are rising everywhere and is especially burdensome for those of lower incomes. People in countries like Japan and the United Kingdom are also worried about whether their existing health care systems will last or not. Governments have a great deal of difficulty with keeping their healh care systems adequately funded. You can visit for more.


Most first-world nations have free health care, paid for by the government via taxes. This reduces the financial burden on citizens who can receive care but it does take quite a bit of money to keep these systems up and running. Another issue is that people are living longer than ever and healthcare in later years can be very expensive to manage. The tradeoff to free healthcare is that in general people have to wait longer in order to see their doctor.



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Quick and Dirty Political Organizing Tips with NGP VAN

Political organizers may only be busy every other year, or at least this is so for national elections. People working on local campaigns must work hard every year, especially at the city and county level. The job can be stressful, but a few simple tips can help make things easier. The important thing, for any organizers, is to know who is most likely to vote for the candidate. Some of these tips will be obvious, as they are part of any political organizer’s normal routine.


Pay Attention to the News

Politicians try to influence the way the press reports them, and government officials often try to control the information that reaches the public. This does not always work as intended. Reporters follow their own codes and are more interested in delivering the truth to their readers than delivering a candidate’s specific message. The news can help the political organizers know where the candidate’s strengths are and the weaknesses of the opponents. This works in reverse as well.


Figure Out Which Part of Your Demographic is Least Able to Vote

Churches and other community organizations often organize trips to the polls to allow people to vote. Technically, the former does this through other organizations. Naturally, a political organizer wants to have as many people who can vote for his candidate do so. Put out advertisers and organize a campaign to help people get to the polls on election day.


Offer Free Things to All Voters

Candidates and people polling for a given candidate is not allowed within a certain distance of the polls on election day. However, at almost all election places there are people who hand out mints, drinks, and other items that voters may want. This is a good place to put up signs for those voters who are still undecided on their way to the polls. Try to get the poll workers to engage the voters before the voters go into the polls. This is the last time to change the mind of anyone who might be swayed.


Perhaps the hardest thing for campaign organizers to do is to let the candidate speak for himself or herself. It is not always possible for national campaigns or even state campaigns. It is, however, an easy thing to do in local campaigns. School board members, mayors of many places, and city council members can easily connect with their constituents and their most likely voters.