Southridge Capital: Digital Currency Hits The Market

Cryptocurrencies has made its way on the market and by now many people know what they are. Though they have a label that only geeks use them, there are still many people out there that are not really clear of what exactly the technology can do. That’s said, many banks and government certainly understand the importance of cryptocurrencies as it relates to their institutions. Thomas carper, a U.S Senator, made it very clear that virtual currencies is the famous bitcoin that has not only created an imagination, but confusion for many.


It’s hard to find a large well-known software company, accounting firm, bank or government entity that has no interest in getting involved in cryptocurrencies or creating their own business blockchain project. Media coverage has surrounded it with a hype of excitement but it’s failed to answer many questions. You can visit for more.



Cryptocurrencies unexpectedly moved itself into the market riding on the coattails of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto who is known as the Bitcoin founder and mostly unknown inventor, was the first to bring light to digital currencies as a cash system that relied on a network of peers. Every person is able to not only record but store a full history of transactions along with knowing the balance on all accounts. When information is confirmed it creates what is called a digital record that goes by the name of a blockchain.


When many think of cryptocurrency they realize that bitcoin is actually the standard being used in the marketplace. Presently it has reached a volume of nearly 200,000 transactions in one day. Market volatility has nothing on this type of currency as it is expected to not only change the world but stay for quite some time. We have begun to see the popularity of Bitcoin take off as many institutions begin using it in their organizations. Currently there are many well-known and big banks using it such as Barclays, Citibank and Desutche Bank, to name a few. The Southridge team is fully aware of cryptocurrency and as taking the time to provide advice helping it go public. Southridge Capital has a highly-skilled executive team that has a good grasp on the marketplace when it comes to handling financial instruments and plans.



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