August, 2018

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Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing Calls Out The Next Two Industries To Invest In

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing has been recommending that investors focus on two industries in order to make big gains. These are the Internet of Things and precision medicine. He says that both industries are poised for huge gains in the coming years and investors should get in now before things really take off.

In his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, he stated that investors could invest $10,000 in his specific stock picks in precision medicine and earn up to ten times their money. To date, the pharmaceutical industry has been much more focused on treating illnesses and diseases in a way that masks their symptoms rather than actually curing them. In the field of precision medicine, there are now companies that are researching ways to provide people with individualized care that gets at the root of the disease in order to cure it.

One company that Paul Mampilly has written about that is doing this is Tempus out of Chicago, Illinois. He says that this company is building a huge database using machine learning. This database, filled with the genomic profiles of cancer patients, is already being used by doctors around the nation to inform them of the best way of treating each of their patients using this information.

Paul Mampilly says the Internet of Things is also poised to take off. He says that there is a wave of devices coming that will be able to collect and then transmit data to other devices and people, creating an interconnected web. This is going to include wearable devices, thermostats, appliances, cars, and more. He names a few specific companies to invest in which is available to subscribers of his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Paul Mampilly was able to retire from his job on Wall Street when he was just 45 years old. One of his best stock picks was getting into Amazon stock early before it really took off. His ability to pick stocks resulted in him earning enough money that he didn’t have to work on Wall Street anymore. He now shares investment knowledge through his financial newsletter which is targeted towards mainstream investors.

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The Entrepreneurial Perseverance Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is most widely recognized for the co-founding of the CVC travel agency in 1972. He co-founded the CVC with his politician business partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Cerchiari soon left the business venture after only four years and left Guilherme to lead the company on his own. Guilherme Paulus struggled for a while and encountered many challenging obstacles during his time as the leader of the CVC travel agency. At one point in his life, he wanted to give up but persevered instead. Check this article at to learn more.

The CVC had its first road trip order from the Mercedes owner. Gulherme saw this as an opportunity and was asked for quotes for three buses. This was the first time that Guilherme had ever done road work. He managed to close the proposal and the trip ended up being a success. Guilherme Paulus found most of his opportunities while on his travels. He gained friends on his travels and began to innovate his company. He was selling trips and vacations, and he began to see it as selling dreams.

The billionaire entrepreneur has stated that the CVC had to continuously innovate itself to remain relevant to the customers. He describes this process as burning neurons. The CVC bought its first trip to Brazil in 2001 an is now the world’s largest ship owner. The CVC was able to set up a virtual agency after that because of the internet. The CVC is now the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America but is striving to be the largest in the whole world. The CVC was the first tourism company in Latin America to open capital for the market and also the first to acquire new companies.

For Guilherme Paulus, his secret for success is to love the customer. For the successful entrepreneur, the customer is most important of all. He states that when you win a customer, you also win a friend. Guilherme has also been able to provide the numbers for the CVC.

  • 1,164 stores and more than 9,086 travel agents
  • it is in all the states of Brazil, in 456 cities
  • in 2016, there were 3,978,018 passengers on board
  • as of October 2017, there were 3,681,624 passengers boarded



Things You Need to Know about Jacob Gottlieb Altium

Teamwork is a crucial factor when it comes to businesses and investments. Jacob Gottlieb is one of the major investors that have exercised it over the recent years, and he recently decided to work under one roof with his all-time friend Stuart Weisbrod. Together with Stuart, Jacob used to share ideas and work together at Merlin BioMed Group. The two are currently sharing offices with the aim of striking a deal together in future. Jacob has achieved notable successes in his career, and he has gained fame for the developments he has brought to the field of health.

Weisbrod studied at the University of Princeton, where he graduated in 1980 with a PhD in Biochemistry. In 1975, he achieved his BA in chemistry from Colgate University and his MBA in Finance from Colombia University. He later ventured into the field of investments and the various firms he launched proved to be a success. He is the co-founder of the Merlin BioMed Group, a medical firm that has shown to be a success. He is passionate about investing in the field of health, and the vast skills he has gained in the sector have profoundly contributed to his notable accomplishments.

Besides, he has taken part in the development of the pharmaceutical sector as well as that of biotechnology. Together with Weisbrod, Jacob also offers people medical advice concerning the various upcoming tends and the different effective approaches they can adapt to achieve success In their health-related ventures.

After working in the health sector for a couple of years, Jacob launched a financial investment firm, Visum. The firm achieved major successes in its first years of operation before it later went down as a result of mismanagement from there of its executives. Two were charged for their actions, and Jacob received no charges for his commitment towards seeing the firm grow.

Jacob recently launched the Altium Capital firm, a hedge fund that most;y targets healthcare firms. He has already brought growth to the firm through his ability to collaborate with other gurus in the sector. He looks forward to bringing more growth and development in his fir in the coming years with the aim of maximising its profits.

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Southridge Capital’s secrets of success.

Southridge Capital has dedicated its services to offering financial and advisory aid to various companies that are in their first stages of development. From its base in Connecticut, the company has seen the success of several hundreds of organizations worldwide that have grown to be of global influence. For more than two decades, Southridge Capital has successfully used billions of money to achieve the betterment of their clients.

Most of the companies that have benefited from Southridge Capital’s operations are growing public companies. The company’s success is to help these organizations is attributed to its excellent structure from its leadership down to the least worker. From years of dealing with matters of finance, the executive team has broad expertise in financial investments where it easily detects potential areas of investment. Apart from investing in companies, Southridge engages in philanthropic activities as part of appreciating the community it serves.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Southridge Capital’s founder and CEO, Stephen M. Hicks, reveals how his idea of starting the company came to being. Stephen was still working for a small hedge fund when he became interested in beginning his hedge fund. For a while, he had worked in investment companies. Stephen’s few years’ experience in those companies, together with his education allowed him to start his company. Along with his hardworking team, Stephen has seen to it that Southridge Capital’s impact has crossed international boundaries. You can visit bizjournals to know more.


As a CEO, Stephen is his company’s steward, and his attitudes, habits and daily practices contribute significantly to the success of Southridge Capital. His day begins with monitoring the company’s investments and seeking new investment opportunities as well as supervision of his staff’s work. From his experience as an entrepreneur, he is encouraged to continue developing more potential investment plans even after setbacks. Stephen mentions one of the companies that he fruitlessly injected a lot of money into with the hope of its survival.

Stephen is also a good reader. One of the books that have deeply inspired him is Ron Chernow’s “Titan.” The book majors on the biography of John D. Rockefeller, a man who was among the first American billionaires. Rockefeller’s ups and downs have motivated Stephen as an entrepreneur. You can follow their Twitter account.


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Southridge Capital: Digital Currency Hits The Market

Cryptocurrencies has made its way on the market and by now many people know what they are. Though they have a label that only geeks use them, there are still many people out there that are not really clear of what exactly the technology can do. That’s said, many banks and government certainly understand the importance of cryptocurrencies as it relates to their institutions. Thomas carper, a U.S Senator, made it very clear that virtual currencies is the famous bitcoin that has not only created an imagination, but confusion for many.


It’s hard to find a large well-known software company, accounting firm, bank or government entity that has no interest in getting involved in cryptocurrencies or creating their own business blockchain project. Media coverage has surrounded it with a hype of excitement but it’s failed to answer many questions. You can visit for more.



Cryptocurrencies unexpectedly moved itself into the market riding on the coattails of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto who is known as the Bitcoin founder and mostly unknown inventor, was the first to bring light to digital currencies as a cash system that relied on a network of peers. Every person is able to not only record but store a full history of transactions along with knowing the balance on all accounts. When information is confirmed it creates what is called a digital record that goes by the name of a blockchain.


When many think of cryptocurrency they realize that bitcoin is actually the standard being used in the marketplace. Presently it has reached a volume of nearly 200,000 transactions in one day. Market volatility has nothing on this type of currency as it is expected to not only change the world but stay for quite some time. We have begun to see the popularity of Bitcoin take off as many institutions begin using it in their organizations. Currently there are many well-known and big banks using it such as Barclays, Citibank and Desutche Bank, to name a few. The Southridge team is fully aware of cryptocurrency and as taking the time to provide advice helping it go public. Southridge Capital has a highly-skilled executive team that has a good grasp on the marketplace when it comes to handling financial instruments and plans.



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Patients reviews on plastic surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Plastic surgery has become a force in the recent years. With the increasing standards of beauty, Man has found a way to look their best. Plastic surgery can turn you from a 0 to 10 in the blink of an eye. With handful procedures, anything is achievable. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an expert who has been dealing with plastic surgery procedures based in Dallas. Dr. Sam is a well-known practitioner. He has been in practice between 11 to 20 years. As one of the few doctors in his field, he is an expert in what he does.

He studied at University of Michigan medical school. He is affiliated with Dallas medical center as well as Pine Creek Medical Centre. As a patient or a potential client payment for the services is a primary source of concern. Dr. Sameer accepts cards from many insurance companies. They include SIGNA PPO, CIGNA HMO, CIGNA Open Access and BCBS Blue Card PPO among others. This is a relief as medical expenses can be complicated to deal with without insurance.

Patients who have been to him have nothing but great things to say about him. They express satisfaction from services rendered. His ratings have raised him up higher on his profile as a plastic surgeon. He has made two publications which have seen him added to the Registry of Business Excellence. He is most loved for his compassion towards his patients. Dr. Jejurikar has been excellent in his delivery as he focuses on innovation in plastic surgery. He deals with both invasive and noninvasive procedures. Whether one wants to look younger or to improve their look, he prioritizes on ensuring that you are happy with the results.

For a man with such expertise, he has a lot to offer. Dr. Jejurikar has his skincare line. These are just a few pointers to his excellence in the field of plastic surgery.

How Guilherme Paulus Changed the Face of Brazilian Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is possibly the most hardworking individual in Brazil. Even after becoming the owner of Brazil’s largest tour operating company and reaching the Forbes Billionaires list, Guilherme is still just as motivated and hardworking as he was when he founded Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A (CVC). His estimated wealth stands at over $1.9 billion.

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus decided to sell his controlling stake in CVC to the Carlyle Group for $420 million yet he still plays a vital role in guiding and counseling the CVC tour operating company. Guilherme’s next ambition is to become the largest hotelier in Brazil. View Guilherme Paulus profile at Forbes.

Guilherme Paulus has also founded his GJP hotels and resorts group, which maintains over 15 properties. Guilherme always believed Brazil would be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The CVC group is over 46 years old and continues to lead as a tour operating company in Latin America. The shares of CVC have gone public and Guilherme believes eventually he will sell all his remaining shares to the Carlyle Group.

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian patriot and believes his name and participation in the Hotel industry will lead to a boom in the industry. Today, the hotel group has averaged a turnover of $250 million and one of Guilherme’s favorite properties is the Sheraton da Bahia Hotel, which is a luxurious 5-star hotel in Salvador. This is the high standard that Guilherme strives for in each and every one of his properties.

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus was born in Sao Paulo in 1949 and after graduating with a degree in Business Administration he started his tour operating company after meeting a group of dissatisfied and bored French tourists in Sao Paulo. He decided to take it upon himself to change to tourism industry in Brazil. Today, with over 50 years of experience in the tourism sector his CVC baby has over 400 tourism agency outlets in malls all over Brazil. His passion for tourism and innovation has led to a surge in foreign visitors to Brazil earning Guilherme several awards including the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Services” for his contributions to the development of Brazil’s tourism industry, which has led to higher standards of living for all Brazilians and a large influx of international investments. Read more: