Ryan Seacrest Stays Fit to Stay Focused

It seems like everyone in the United States knows who Ryan Seacrest is at least from American Idol or On Air With Ryan, but not a lot of people know about the weight problems he had as a child. Ryan Seacrest, who was born in Georgia, would sneak in food to his room despite being told not to be his mother. He was one of the kids who did not take his shirt off when he was going swimming, but now they know him as someone who is in great shape and who has an impeccable work ethic.

His work ethic doesn’t just span to his work on air or with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he spends a lot of time staying in shape after dedicating a lot of focus and time to getting there in the first place. When Ryan Seacrest was able to lose the weight he had held on to from childhood, he gained a lot of self-confidence. That newly found confidence inspired him to reach for his aspirations of being on radio and TV.

He is constantly working on his physical fitness and health, with his busy lifestyle it is actually a way that Ryan Seacrest deals with the stress. Recently, he was interviewed by Men’s Fitness Magazine He told Men’s Fitness that he schedules his workouts as if they were a meeting, so he doesn’t just try to cancel it for the day. He states that exercising every single day helps him stay as productive as possible. Ryan Seacrest has also released a line of skin care products called Polish that he uses himself to keep his skin as healthy as the rest of his body.

Ryan Seacrest uses whatever free time he has in order to stay in shape. During commercial breaks, he often tries to get in small bouts of exercise. Another way he fits in exercise is by renting lockers at 2 different hotels that he fills with extra clothes and workout gear in case he has time to get a workout in while he’s in LA.

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