William Saito is an American businessman who comes from Japan and has been able to create a big number 0f successful companies through his knowledge and experience. He acts as an investor as well as the creator of these companies and thus having the ability to understand both sides. He generates ideas on startup topics which can benefit anyone interested in starting a new business in the years to come.

The vast knowledge and experience of William Saito originate from a constant curiosity within industries. Being among the most well-known and the best startup investor, William Saito has been the cybersecurity advisor to the ministry of economy and the cabinet, industry, and trade. He has also been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a young global leader and happens to be very good in influencing others in Japan.

William Saito has invested mainly in hardware including biotech, batteries, and security. He firmly believes in the future of Japans 3D robot and printing industries. However, he gives recommendations against investments in sensors, storage transistors and other similar technologies since they are easily devalued.


While young and still in junior high school, William Saito has started a venture capitalist in Computer security and has had the firm incorporated as an I/O software in the year 1991. However, this software has come up with a system where Japanese characters written in English have displayed a method of recognizing fingerprint used by Sony.


This I/O software has entered into a partnership with Microsoft in the year 2000, so that it can be able to adopt the authentication technology in Microsoft windows future versions. Where after William Saito has sold the assets of I/O software to Microsoft Windows and he has become a venture capitalist in Japan thus making investments in several Japanese startups.


Due to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, William Saito has been selected to offer IT and technical support the committee concerned with the disaster investigation, where he is given the title ‘chief technology officer ‘ which actually exaggerates his responsibilities.


In 2015, William Saito has been chosen to be the japans airline strategic advisor, where he has offered advice and his strategies on IT to JAL. He has served as the executive officer on a part-time basis as well as the general manager of JAL digital innovation promotion. He was a member of the board of advisors of The Japan Times and has served as Fast Retailing and Hakuhodo advisor.





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