Billionaire Wes Edens is among the wealthiest people in the United States. The successful businessman is the co-founder and the chairman of fortress investments group, which is the world’s largest asset management company. The Forbes billionaire listing places him at 352nd.Wes Edens earned a B.s in business administration and finance from Oregon state university in 1984. He has played a prominent role in the success of Fortress Investment Company. As one of the five principles of the company, he has contributed ideas which when implemented yielded the company a lot of profit and popularity. One of his contributions is facilitating the purchase of Springleaf financial service. Acquiring Springleaf which has over 1500 branches well recognized in 44 United States increased Fortress market share in America.

Within a period, its profit surpassed the original investment of fortress investments by far making the purchase a significant miles stone of Fortress. It’s because of the efforts, dedication, and hard work of Wes Edens, that fortress is where it is now Before joining Fortress, Company Eden worked in some companies among them Lehman Brothers as its manager before moving to Blackrock where he served as a director until 1997. It is during this period that he gained experience and incredible skills to lead Fortress investment group.Fortress is a significant employer with over 950 people working in the company. Most employees enjoy working in the company due to the many benefits that they get in return. As a worker of Fortress, one is relieved of his/her medical bill since it’s covered in medical and dental insurance by the company.

Besides this, the company has well equipped human capital from whom interns learn. Most of the employees also claim the company exposes them to fundamental financial knowledge. Additionally, they are happy working in this company because of its outstanding leadership of Edens and his partners. Most employees also appreciate the 401k as a great program.Apart from the Fortress, Wes Eden has invested in sports. In 2014, he and other partners purchased Milwaukee Bucks, which is a famous basketball team in America. Edens thinks that investing in e-sport is the way to go. He and his team have gone further to create pro-league of Legends team that will operate under Milwaukee Bucks. All this will see Mr. Wes Edens reach great heights in sports business.

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