Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy Aims to Prepare Beginner Investors for Success

Nick Vertucci is the founder the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, an institution founded in 2014 with the objective of providing qualitative real estate training to aspiring investors. Utilizing Vertucci’s tried-and-tested trademark Fortunes in Flipping system, the NV Real Estate Academy equips students with the resources and knowledge they need to become successful property investors.

Vertucci, in an interview on IdeaMensch, detailed the philosophy that drives his success and is central to the principles he teaches at the Real Estate Academy, succinctly outlining it as “See It, Believe It, Map It, Execute It”. According to Vertucci, one must visualize their business goals and aspirations, believe in them regardless of doubts and past failures, set out carefully thought out and realistic plans designed to achieve those goals, and then finally execute those plans fully.

Nick Vertucci became involved in real estate following the bursting of the Dot-com bubble in the early 2000s, a fraught period that saw him millions of dollars in debt after losing much of his financial holdings, including a technology business. Following a three-day real estate training course in 2004, Vertucci began systemically investing in foreclosed homes – buying them, renovating them extensively and then renting them out to customers or selling them to investors. Through his radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour” on Los Angeles’ KFWB, Vertucci grew his business exponentially, and was not only soon out of debt, but turning out sizable profits on his investment portfolio.

Ten years after the Dot-com crash undermined his technology business, Nick Vertucci, now a millionaire, launched the NV Real Estate Academy, which has since held numerous workshops in states across the country, helping budding real estate investors achieve their financial goals. The NV Real Estate Academy trains its student in a variety of property investment principles, from renovation and flipping, to commercial investments and asset protection.

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