Newswatch TV: power Promoter

Newswatch tv is an award winning tv show that has been around for many years. It was started in the 90’s and has remained a mainstay in the marketing and promoting industry for a while at this point. When companies need someone to get their products out the public that’s what Newswatch tv does. By doing reviews of the products that the companies are selling they help the company to promote it and they help consumers to understand and possibly purchase a new product. Newswatch has received many awards in its day but how good is it?

Newswatch has worked with many companies in its timespan. They include Casio, Sony, Intel and D-Link products but that’s not all. Saygus is a Smartphone company from America. They had a new line of phones and needed someone to get the word out and of course they called Newswatch. They tasked them with creating a review for the new phones and airing them on all of their stations. This includes the tv show plus the recently added online venue. Newswatch agreed to do this and they traveled to Barcelona to create segments for the show. They shot this footage at the Mobile world congress. Saygus did what they could and started up a Indiegogo campaign to get funds.

The results of what Newswatch did resonated strongly for Saygus. The company surpassed all expectations very quickly and by a large margin. The combined efforts of Newswatch and SAygus the companies raised over 1.3 million dollars. This was over the primary goal by about 300,00 dollars. Newswatch tv is a great way for companies to get their creations out. It is reliable and has proven over and over its ability to get strong results. This trusted name in marketing never fails to satisfy the reviews they make are a true testament to the power they possess.


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