End Citizens United is Supporting Katie Porter

Voting is within the civil rights of every American citizen. End Citizens United has launched a program to educate voters. The program will reach out to hundreds of thousands through direct mail and digital advertising. This education program will be about Katie Porter.

She is a consumer protection attorney with records of success in her career. Katie Porter is also a law professor at UC Irvine. Katie has been a part of taking on big banks in Wall Street. She has the potential to be an ideal advocate for families. Her courage will stand up to the president and Republicans. They seem to be prioritizing other matters instead of the health and safety of the American people.

Through End Citizens United program, people will understand that Katie is the right person to make reforms. For example, the gun control laws require improvements. Most important of all, Katie is not interested in making money. Her passion is in serving people and making their lives better. End Citizens United supported Katie Porter because she is against corporate big money sponsorship for her campaign.

End Citizens United is a movement that is against the ruling made by the Supreme Court in 2010. This ruling entailed allowing corporations to spend unlimited money in elections. This money is untraceable and targeted to achieve special interests. As a result, transparency and accountability lacks in such provisions.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris endorsed Katie Porter because they know Katie’s potential. She will achieve a lot in California’s 45th District. They anticipate seeing Katie protecting the Affordable Care Act, investing in public education and defending Planned Parenthood.

This overhaul is essential after Mimi Walters made inappropriate decisions. She was involved in a failed health plan that did not favor the people and participated in limiting health care access for women. Walters was also interested in big corporate at the expense of working families. All these mistakes and others are an indicator that the 45th District needs a people person.

End Citizens United will be sending direct emails that show Kati Porter is the best candidate. Where Mimi Walters went wrong, Katie will make things right. The program is also calling upon women to come forward and vote. The emails will be aiming for liberals and independent voters, with a specific focus on women. It would be encouraging to know that women believe in one of them leading them to better times ahead.

Learn More: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC 

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