Sudan’s successful lawyer, Kamil E Idris

Kamil E Idris was born in Sudan where he began his basic education and part of his higher education before moving to the United States for Masters. The lawyers has been actively involved with several organizations which include; WIPO, UPOV and the Cairo University among others.


Kamil began his higher education at the University Of Khartoum where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in law. Apart from law, he also bachelor’s degrees in several fields which include; political science. Philosophy and Economic theory which he acquired after studying in the University of Cairo. Later ldris joined Ohio University in the United States for his masters where he majored in international law and affairs. Kamil E Idris proved brilliant and passionate in his studies as he went ahead for a doctorate program on international law at the Geneva University which is in Switzerland.


Due to his academic achievements and advancements, the elite lawyer has received several awards and recognitions like; The Doctor of letters honor from National University in India, The honorary law doctorate from the Franklin Pierce which is a law firm in the United States.


Kamil Idris began his career as a professor at the Cairo University where he taught international law and served as an ambassador at the same time. Moreover, the lawyer was actively involved in the Permanent project which was a mission by Sudan to the United States. During this period the lawyer was the acting spokesperson and was also in charge of organizing developing countries during international meetings that were always held to discuss issues pertinent to the globe.


Kamil Idris became an employee of WIPO in 1982. His dedication and commitment at work lead to his promotion to becoming the director of the organization fifteen years later. As a director at WIPO, his duty was to regularly check on the progress of the global property protection program and oversee the execution of the policies in relation to the program. While working at WIPO, Kamil idris made donations of his salary to the development and growth of developing countries in Africa. Kamil resigned as the CEO of WIPO in 2007 after allegations were raised that he his recorded date of birth at the firm were fake. However, the claims were later proved as false but Kamil was not willing to return to WIPO as he had gotten into politics back in Sudan. In the 2010 elections, he was among the Presidential candidates but he lost.

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