How Equities First Holdings Can Help People in New Markets

Equities First Holdings (EFH) was established in 2012 through an acquisition done by the EFH office located in the United States. The office in London introduced the equity-loan along with financial advice to clients. EFH’s equity-loan grew in popularity because some of the benefits it offered to clients. The main benefit is the equity-loan can be used for any purpose the borrower sees fit. It allows stocks of value to be use as collateral on approval by EFH. The financial advice offered to clients helps improves the decision-making processes regarding finances of a business or individual. EFH as a global corporation has been able to deliver nearly a $1 billion to its’ customers.

With the help of the London office, EFH looked to enter new markets, and they started operations in parts of Europe and Australia. People will get the chance to use the equity-loan that everyone finds trustworthy and reliable.

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