“What’s The Skinny on The RealReal in 2018”

Whoever said that consignment shops were a thing of the past, did not know about The RealReal. The RealReal has been on the online map since 2011 with their high-end second-hand designer brands, like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Birkin, Burberry, and so many others. They offer great quality and luxury apparel for both men and women. They also sell jewelry, watches, and home goods at great low prices for those who want to keep up with the Joneses without wasting away money on markup priced items.

The RealReal stands by its name, being authentic and having great quality merchandise for everyone, young and seasoned. Its authenticity prides itself on every item by it being evaluated and sized up before putting it up for sale. Not only are the items sold are of good quality, so are the people that work for them. The high standards and values are placed on the authenticity of the people and their qualifications to be able to recognize the purpose of the company’s vision. The overall quality of the brand, its commitment, and great service are what put The RealReal to the test of a successful growing business. Between this and the increase of more Valuation shops coming in 2018, there is definitely a mass of sellers and buyers that will be on its heels.

What used to be an online-only consignment, is now expanding by testing out this market in spreading more pop-up shops in other locations, since making over a million dollars in New York, back in 2016. Its pop-up has already appeared in San Francisco, SoHo, and soon to be Las Vegas. These trendy luxury consignment pop-up shops are for those who haven’t quite yet taken to the online side of things. Still becoming more well rounded for all to take advantage of, and also being able to expand for the best of the company and the people, the buzz will be waiting on what will come from the RealReal in 2018! Can’t wait!

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