The Story Behind the Launching and Review of EOS

In less than a decade, EOS has become one of the leading choice of lip balm for moisturizing chapped lips. Co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller have become lip balm innovators by strategically reinventing this beauty product. EOS short for evolution of smooth, stands behind providing a product that hydrates and moisturizes, using all natural and organic ingredients in products that are never tested on animals (

EOS has released a new style of lip balm that encompasses many attributes needed for the cold winter months. The new flavor is Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm and is referred to as part of the medicated collection. This medicated lip balm boasts the beauty benefits of both chamomile and menthol in a chilling combination that addresses aging and cracked skin. The new concoction delivers a soothing solution to all symptoms of dry, chapped lips due to cold weather. The chamomile provides hydration and antioxidants, while the menthol acts as a pain reliever to dry chapped lips.

EOS can be found in major retail chain stores, thanks to the influence of bloggers, vloggers and celebrities. The marketing strategy of this company involved targeting millennials and creating unisex products through modern technology. Mehra and Teller use both old-fashion and new age methods of advertising to market their company and designs. In an effort to remain major players in the industry, the co-founders utilize the advantages of social media and incorporate strategic branding collaborations.

The company continues to launch new designs and collections regularly, while branching out into various types of beauty products and categories (  This creates a whirlwind of copycat products being created by competitors. EOS overcomes the obstacles of copycats and competitors, by embracing the benefits of organic ingredients and desires of the target audience being marketed.

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