My Review of EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm: A Great New Product

EOS is what people in the startup community refers to as a disruptor. When EOS came on to the scene several years ago, the lip balm world was pretty bleak. Most came in tubes that looked like something clinical that a doctor would prescribe.

However, EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, shattered the ceiling when it utilized a influencer marketing strategy to make the initial salmon-colored sphere the talk of the female community ((  All of the sudden, EOS orbs began showing up in everything from the top beauty blogs to music videos from some of the world’s most famous starts EOS continued to grow from there and built its consumer base by offering a variety of very specific lip balms. See   EOS is known for being highly selective in the products that it offers to consumers. When it makes a release, the company is very meticulous in the products it offers. One great example is the recent launch of the Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm.

EOS’s Cooling Chamomile is made with real chamomile and is specifically designed to taste exactly like the tea, which is incredibly popular. The Cooling Chamomile also contains real chamomile as well as a variety of essential elements and it has a menthol-based kick that will protect lips from the elements in winter and provide a wonderful cooling burst in the summer.

Living in Savannah, Georgia, the humidity has already kicked in and I have seen the wonderful power of how EOS Cooling Chamomile cools my lips. While my sister lives in Chicago and when they suffer through whipping winds and dry, snowy weather use the Cooling Chamomile EOS to protect them from a harsh winter. The EOS Cooling Chamomile contains wonderful ingredients such as olive oil, tea tree oil and Vitamin E to offer a level of protection that most lip balms simply can’t offer.


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