Phenomenal leader and business woman: Susan McGalla

It has been surveyed and documented that businesses with a mix of genders are 15% much more likely to outperform corporations, but at the same time, ethnically mixed companies are 35% much more likely than corporations that are not diverse. Then, there are women who possess the same ambition and drive as Susan McGalla, who has helped pave the road to success for women leaders. McGalla credits how she became more confident when working with both genders.

They provide a union of womanhood with a program to strategize and design for specific groups and make connections with their business organization. It is being proven that woman are just as able to work in government positions as men are. They provide possibilities from a womans point of view within the commercial corporate industry and stand by one another. It’s necessary for women to have the support of other women in the business world. If women overtaking certain male dominant roles are the solution to erasing the line that divides which gender is more likely, then the wide heterogeneity of male and female executives could be significantly decreased by as of today.

Susan McGalla grew up in a family where she was the only girl and with a father that had an abundant knowledge of football and sportsmanship. He did not believe that since she was a girl that he needed to take it easy on her and give her any slack when it came to her schooling or activities. She has stated that her mother and father encouraged her to work hard and present her ideas with confidence no matter who the audience was. Because of her upbringing, she did not view her gender or that of others to be helpful or hindered.

McGalla began a new profession at American Eagle in late 1994 as a products buyer for women’s apparel and then she became the chief merchandising officer. As the business president of American Eagle, McGalla oversaw the release of the organization’s aerie and 77kids brands. McGalla succeeded Ed Thomas as leader govt officer of Wet Seal Inc. McGalla left American Eagle Inc. after working remotely while she was pregnant from August 2011 to July 2012. Today, Susan is the VP for the American Football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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