2017 – A Thrilling Year for OneLogin!

OneLogin the cloud security company welcomed aboard a new CEO this past June and his name is Brad Brooks. Mr. Brooks who has 25 years experience in cyber technology was looking to expand his career when the opportunity to join OneLogin opened for him. Brad was looking for a company with solid products, a good team, and a large market. He was specifically interested in cloud computing and OneLogin opened the door to a new form of cyber security for Mr. Brooks. OneLogin is on the list of the top 10 places to work in small business in the San Francisco by Fortune magazine and the San Francisco Business Times.

Also, OneLogin was pleased to welcome Airbus on board opening the aeronautics and space field to its identity and access management. The company is producing happy customers with its identity and access management by easing the work required to integrate employee new and departing securely in and out of their systems. This young and thriving cloud security company has unveiled its next generation of authentication called Adaptive Authentication. This new technology uses AI to record and review all details of a login. Should the login appear suspicious to the new technology a multi-factor authentication is sent before the user can log in.

OneLogin offered this past year a more flexible search for administrators as well as approved users and allows them to add keyword descriptions to frequently used apps. This new technology allows smoother access to applications with integration to the organizations own web servers while connecting through OneLogin security application.

OneLogin was founded by Thomas and Christian Petersen from their experience at Zendesk. Security was a major concern and their idea for identity and access management was born. They put together an experienced team and in 2005 launched OneLogin. The company offers secure cloud applications and management through their innovative approach. Their unique approach to cloud cybersecurity has earned them the trust of both vendors and cybersecurity organizations across the globe.

This award-winning company is noted for its comfortable employee workplace and is growing fast. Career opportunities are available on all levels in the organization.

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