George Soros, the Philanthropist

On 17th October 2017, the Open Society Foundation revealed one of the largest world donations that have ever been received from a private donor to a particular foundation. This was George Soros’s generous donation of $18 billion. According to a Forbes tally released on Tuesday, this amount is approximately 80% of his net worth which is $23 billion.

Open Society Foundation was founded in 1979 by George Soros in a bid to promote human rights democratic policies in over 120 countries. Over the years, it has steadily grown to become the second largest charity foundation after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is in accordance to a news release by New York Times on the 17th of October, 2017. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has been able to start up programs that protect and support homosexuals in the United States, reduce police brutality, fund Ebola treatments, aid Africa’s economic development, reform policies that affect the minority groups and also facilitate education programs.

His past inspired his passion and zeal for helping the minority groups and being philanthropic in other ways. Having grown up in a humble background in Hungary at a time that it was occupied by the Nazi who used the Communist rule, he became very passionate about democracy. He was, however, lucky to get to London in 1947 and acquired a good education from the London School of Economics, then to the United States in 1956 where he became successful and started the Soros Fund Management Firm in the years 1973. It is through the wealth he obtained from his fund management fund that he began engaging in funding efforts that were channeled towards the promotion of democracy advocacy of human rights. It is because of his past that, he came out strongly to support and fund the Democrats during the last election when Mrs. Clinton was vying for the presidency.

Mr. Soros went against all the odds in 1984 and set up the very first non-US foundation in his hometown, Hungary. The foundation focused mainly on curbing ignorance at all levels by distributing photocopying machines to civil society groups, libraries, and universities in a bid to promote the free flow of information. He is a strong believer in the slogan; ‘Knowledge is Power’ and as such used knowledge to weaken the authoritarian regime while on the other hand, empowering people towards fighting for democracy. He also viciously supported organizations that were engaging in democratic politics both in the United States and abroad.

In addition to all that, George Soros was at the forefront to support those affected by the Yugoslavia wars on the mid-‘90s. He donated hundreds of millions of dollars towards the relief efforts. During apartheid, his efforts were also evident when he funded black students to get access to university education in Cape Town. He still focuses on educating the disadvantaged minorities in the society to date and more information click here.

George Soros has proven to stand a firm ground when it comes to matters of democracy and advocacy of the minority rights. His efforts and ideals will always have a special place in history and follow him

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