November, 2017

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Clay Siegall Aims to Make a Leading Pharma Out of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has a sculpture that models the human antibody. Seattle Genetics centers on the study, manipulation, and packaging of antibodies into drugs since its foundation in 1998. The company’s antibodies can connect to therapies hence target cancer cells through the delivery of toxic payloads which destroy the cells from the inside. The technique raises the potential of the firm to be highly competitive in the industry.

Seattle Genetics prides itself on having an approximate market value of 10 billion dollars and employing 900 professionals. The company is the leading biotech in Washington. The institution invests in marketing and research. The company expects to increase its staff by 200 during 2017.

Seattle Genetics has Adcetris as its flagship product. Adcetris finds application in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma. The company expects the sales of the drug to take off if the clinical tests come out positive.

The company’s head and co-founder, Clay Siegall, said that Seattle Genetics is a multiproduct and an upcoming oncology organization. The president expressed his desire to create a massive company when he pointed out the multiple products in the company’s pipeline. He maintained that he did not desire to sell the business to larger firms as is almost the norm with many biotech companies. He said he would make the company turn into a big pharma. Clay Siegall expresses his ambitions in his commitment to shifting the company’s focus on drug development to managing all the complexities of marketing internationally. Dr. Siegall opened his Switzerland office that could allow Seattle to handle its global marketing.

Siegall’s company has a steep trajectory of growth. The company’s stock price keeps on rising alongside the sales. The company’s valuation also is increasing and reflects the firm’s investment in research and future buyout. Siegall keeps working against terrible odds and still manages to be a successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of the company he co-founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics. Through his leadership, the company continues to build an array of antibody-based therapies for cancer. Dr. Siegall aided the company in raising over 675 million dollars during the company’s capital-generating activities.

Dr. Siegall graduated with an undergraduate degree in Zoology from Maryland University and got awarded a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. From 1988 till 1991, Dr. Siegall worked with the National Institutes of Health and later joined Bristol-Myers Institute to 1997. He then co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Dr. Clay continues to be a proven leader in the biopharmaceutical field.

Dr. Clay Siegall-co-founder the Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, in 1997 and has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since Nov. 2002 and as the president from June 2000. Siegall has a renowned experience of nearly 20 years in cancer research and therapeutic drug development. He’s trained as a scientist specialized in targeting cancer therapies. He built Seattle Genetics Foundation of scientific innovation, intensive research and drug developing practices and passion of assisting patients living with cancer. Dr. Siegall pioneered the company to attain its current leadership capacity in developing cancer antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) and retaining 2011 FDA approval. He collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and saw ADCETRIS GROW to be a global brand that got approved in at least 65 countries. The firm also is determined to advance in the diverse network of propriety ADCs meant for treatment of cancer.

Before co-founding the company, Dr. Siegall worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for 6years, from 1991 to 1997 and the National Cancer Institute from 1998 to 1997. He has received multiple honors, which include 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences award, and 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year recognition. He has also authored more than 70 publications and has i5 patents. He earned Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington University and the B.S in zoology from the University of Maryland.

Human antibodies mark the epitome of what Seattle Genetics is committed to studying, manipulate and ultimately package into drugs since it got founded in 1998. Like Lego bricks, the power of the company’s antibodies is based on the ability to connect to therapy. This antibody results to a toxic payload into cancer cell to ruin it from inside the body.

This is a Company’s criteria of rapidly catapult Seattle Genetics into the big league. It has all it takes for it to become pharmaceutical company Seattle’s biotech community is longing for-to anchor through the challenges of the cycles that have plagued the industry. And not to decamp from the manner Immunex had its operations done to get acquired by the Amgen.

Seattle Genetics has a track record of having a market value of almost $10 billion and a staff of 900 employees; the company got ranked as the largest biotech Washington. With its mega ambitions, it is aspiring to have a share of handful companies that will graduate from big pharma, it invests intensively in research and marketing and anticipates to increase more 200 employees in the firm.

Market America Convention 2017 : Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating a 25th anniversary this year, the Market America Convention 2017 proved the UnFranchise owners, leaders and teams are going strong and plan to make the next 25 years even grander.

Market America’s business principle is based off a proven system backed by the strength and vision from the top of corporation. Seasoned professionals and new consultants receive support, training, and encouragement from events such as the 2017 convention. The leaders know that this type of interaction ultimately leads to financial success for those that participate.

Guest speaker Elizabeth Weber, International Field Chairman and classified as a Power Profile, rightful so, spoke to the crowd of more than 20,000 people about determined motivation, application with duplication and how anyone can actually achieve the exact same level of success and higher.

Next year Market America Convention 2018 will be held in Miami, Florida and will certainly pack the energy, ideas, and far reaching visions that this silver-anniversary carried.

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What’s The Limit On Your Cash?

Money Piling Higher Than You Can Imagine

The goal of earning a fair wage is to collect money as you age in life. “Piling” money very high may seem like an exaggeration however. The truth is that you might not find something more important in life. We’re all contained by a functioning economy, and the world economy only accepts cash.

Working for money is more important than piling it up though. Each clients at NextBank needs something to take their savings a bit further with. Suggesting that you can pile your money higher than you can imagine is a true statement. The next generation requires that we account for more than an open account.

One Team, One Focus And One Financial Objective

By consolidating one team, one focus and one financial future, we create the perfect environment for financial success. Once an account is opened with NextBank, the bank’s staff will take further steps to improve your finances. NextBank isn’t a place you put your money into overnight.

This next generation for your banking requires diversity. You need money to work for you. You shouldn’t work for money alone. To bring better value to what you earn, you can seek out the team at NextBank. With three skills, this bank allows investors, banking clients and industrial professionals expansion on net worth.

How To Get A Financial Jump-Start

Getting a financial jump on your bottom line begins with NexBank.

Our locations can’t be beat, and you’re going to find out soon. Simply visit a branch, and get started on the services that are right for you. You have no better option than to get involved now. The world is rapidly changing. Keeping up with the changes means protecting your bottom line.

NexBank is the bank of the future and the next generation in your finances.

Retirement Planning With David Giertz

Financial advisor, David Giertz gives tips on smart retirement savings and strategies on how to take control of one’s life. Saving for early retirement is hard regardless of the heavy income one is receiving. It is important to look out for alternative income opportunities to sustain you financially after retirement. Financial freedom upon investing is dependents on two factors. How you invest and what you invest in during your productive years.

To make smart investment decisions David Giertz recommends considering the following, first, the money you will have saved to retirement. Full awareness of your retirement needs will be a key determinant on how much you need to save up every month in preparation in case of early retirement. Secondly, finding a flexible plan that will help you escape on the penalties associated with early withdraws from the retirement account.

According to David Giertz, the ideal method towards financial stability during retirement is investing the saving into a brokerage account. Brokerage accounts enable you to have access to bonds, currency and stocks market where you can buy and sell them for profits. It gives you the flexibility to withdraw and invest any amount of money without limitations.

David Giertz career journey

David Giertz attended the Millikin University where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science. He proceeded to the University of Miami and got an MBA. He is a registered broker at The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). He is a business certified coach with Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Giertz serves as the financial advisor in Dublin, Ohio at Nationwide Investment Corporation. David Giertz has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector. He is a famous financial advisor in the United States. He has worked in various firms giving him a history of performance, leading to the growth of revenue by millions of dollars. David Giertz is also involved in charitable activities.

The Future of Inmates Welfare Through Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a profit making company that aims at providing technology solutions towards helping in curbing criminal and civil justice. They have been able to change the lives of more than 1 million inmates over the last three decades they have been in the business. Public safety organizations rely on these companies to provide a relevant solution that has been rated as the most comfortable and most accessible to use.


The organization is in control of the able leadership of the most experienced CEO called Rich Smith who joined the company in the year 2009 when its performance was purely below average. He has since then been on the frontline working towards the success of the company and has worked so tirelessly towards making it the best regarding technology dispensation across all the prisons around North America.


Securus Technology is believed to have invested over $600 million over the last three years in the field of technology and patents. They have been able to incorporate teamwork and commitment and thus tremendous achievements. Securus has also not been left behind when it comes to developing technologies whose aim is changing the lives of the inmates. Through phone technologies in prisons, they have been able to bring the prisoners closer to their families. They can freely communicate, something that has never been there before.


With the increased innovation, they have also been able to install videos the same cells such that these inmates can video call their loved ones. This makes them become better people and help in changing their lives entirely after their service. The company has also been working with public agencies towards the collection of information which helps in curbing crimes. These agencies have been able to get adequate information when doing their investigations and also when it comes to fighting these crimes.


Talkspace is Making A Difference For People Seeking A Therapist

Talkspace is making a difference for people who want to see a professional therapist, but have no time to do so. Thanks to this new smartphone app, it is possible to meet with a therapist and talk about all your daily problems without the scheduling problems that make therapy a hassle in the real world. Talkspace has changed all those problems and made mental health therapy something to look forward to.

Talkspace opens therapy options for the individual, so that they can take on getting the help they need and the way that is most productive for them. They can make notations about daily problems, so that therapists can see these later and help them deal with the issues. They can also talk with a wide range of therapists specializing in different types of professional therapy. Nothing is taken for granted, your needs are treated as the unique problems they are and your privacy is always maintained. It is just like any traditional therapy, but with the added convenience of being conducted via your mobile device. Nothing could be better or easier for your therapeutic needs.

Talkspace is a revolution in positive therapy for people everywhere. No other app has ever been able to offer such access to professional therapists and the resources that can help individuals like yourself. Give it a try, and see what Talkspace can do for your life. It is the newest innovation for therapy for individuals who are trying to live their daily lives more a more sane way. It is the best app ever made for your needs when seeking a professional therapist, but having to make it happen on your own time table.

Talkspace maybe the answer to all your personal mental health needs and seeking out a therapist that is right for you. Try Talkspace today.

Boraie Development, Offering Quality Solutions in the Real Estate Industry

Boraie Development, LLC. is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and targets the trending urban development. The company’s president, Omar Boraie, has served to his old age and is proud that whatever he envisioned for New Brunswick has been brought to reality. He began the venture with a mentality of rebuilding New Brunswick to what he had seen while in his traveling years. He had seen the town’s culture of being deserted after 4 p.m. and decided to start from there. His business kick-started in 1972, with his first task focusing on tackling 21 run-down vacant buildings in the area.

According to WSJ, Omar Boraie was positive and was sure that with time, the city would have acquired quality residential units. He initiated the construction of the Condominium Building of the Spring Street which is a 25-story building housing 121 units with retail shops, office space, and a parking garage. The building was completed in 2007. In this same vision, Omar saw a future with a market for luxury developments. The vivid developments at New Brunswick attracted an array of professionals including police officers, nurses, lawyers, and business professionals among others. His goal of getting good quality tenants was finally achieved. For more details visit Crunchbase.

This aspire was designed for the young and trendy occupants who prefer convenience and style. Its location is favorable with a variety of services which includes entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife. Boraie Development has not stopped in the pursuit to develop quality buildings not only in New Brunswick but also all over Newark and Atlantic City.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC is a company that specializes in the urban real estate market dealing with several areas which include Property Management, Real Estate Development, and Marketing. The company has a team that targets to come up with spectacular properties and offering transparent and unparalleled services to their esteemed clients. Boraie has sought to work with the best architects in the strongest financial institutions who get the need to reach deadlines on time to ensure the completion and success of their projects. Some of the property types traded by the Boraie Development include residential and student housing, retail, mixed-use, and hotel assets. They seek partnerships that reach for high real estate projects and deals.

Boraie Development has anchored its vision on capital and utmost reliability to every single project. The company has an outstanding 30 years record making it a major asset sought out by prestigious developers in New Jersey. Their products are of high quality attracting a trail of financial partners, tenants, and residents who have acknowledged their long-term possession commitment. Properties developed and acquired are marketed professionally to meet the ever-growing market demands of urban centers and suburbs.

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George Soros, the Philanthropist

On 17th October 2017, the Open Society Foundation revealed one of the largest world donations that have ever been received from a private donor to a particular foundation. This was George Soros’s generous donation of $18 billion. According to a Forbes tally released on Tuesday, this amount is approximately 80% of his net worth which is $23 billion.

Open Society Foundation was founded in 1979 by George Soros in a bid to promote human rights democratic policies in over 120 countries. Over the years, it has steadily grown to become the second largest charity foundation after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is in accordance to a news release by New York Times on the 17th of October, 2017. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has been able to start up programs that protect and support homosexuals in the United States, reduce police brutality, fund Ebola treatments, aid Africa’s economic development, reform policies that affect the minority groups and also facilitate education programs.

His past inspired his passion and zeal for helping the minority groups and being philanthropic in other ways. Having grown up in a humble background in Hungary at a time that it was occupied by the Nazi who used the Communist rule, he became very passionate about democracy. He was, however, lucky to get to London in 1947 and acquired a good education from the London School of Economics, then to the United States in 1956 where he became successful and started the Soros Fund Management Firm in the years 1973. It is through the wealth he obtained from his fund management fund that he began engaging in funding efforts that were channeled towards the promotion of democracy advocacy of human rights. It is because of his past that, he came out strongly to support and fund the Democrats during the last election when Mrs. Clinton was vying for the presidency.

Mr. Soros went against all the odds in 1984 and set up the very first non-US foundation in his hometown, Hungary. The foundation focused mainly on curbing ignorance at all levels by distributing photocopying machines to civil society groups, libraries, and universities in a bid to promote the free flow of information. He is a strong believer in the slogan; ‘Knowledge is Power’ and as such used knowledge to weaken the authoritarian regime while on the other hand, empowering people towards fighting for democracy. He also viciously supported organizations that were engaging in democratic politics both in the United States and abroad.

In addition to all that, George Soros was at the forefront to support those affected by the Yugoslavia wars on the mid-‘90s. He donated hundreds of millions of dollars towards the relief efforts. During apartheid, his efforts were also evident when he funded black students to get access to university education in Cape Town. He still focuses on educating the disadvantaged minorities in the society to date and more information click here.

George Soros has proven to stand a firm ground when it comes to matters of democracy and advocacy of the minority rights. His efforts and ideals will always have a special place in history and follow him

Evergreen Heathcare Partners: Drew Madden’s Step Into the Future of Healthcare

The new Evergreen Healthcare Partners organization was founded in July 2017 as a joint venture between  Drew Madden, Rebecca Bottorff, Aaron Friedman and Jeff Leach. All four partners has extensive experience in the healthcare technology field. The basic premise for the new organization is to focus more on the individual instead of the latest technology.

The newer personalized algorithms that healthcare companies now have access to is one of the main drivers for this program shift. Drew Madden, due to his experiences and expertise in the healthcare information technology industry, is the expert in incorporating these algorithms. His expertise with electronic medical records (EMR)provides the organization with opportunities to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. It is because Madden has these skill sets that he is able to advise healthcare organizations about how to implement healthcare platforms.

Madden believes that it is important that finding the right opportunity takes extra time. That extra time can pay off in dividends of enhanced connectivity and goal sharing. Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ core mission is to provide needed support for healthcare organizations through a variety  of electronic health record (EHR) platforms. Eventually the partners want to offer a broader array of healthcare technology services and support. Their primary focus is as an advisory company.

The drive to form this new partnership had been a long time coming. Madden understood that he needed to test the markets and gain a better understanding of the technology before venturing out. His tenure at Nordic Consulting has proven that there was a need to humanize the healthcare information technology field. The struggles that many healthcare professionals were having with their existing equipment and technology told a tale that the time was almost ripe for Evergreen Healthcare.

Madden knew that some employees felt that they had been left out in the cold. He wanted to change that. His overriding goal was to help healthcare organizations create highly functioning work forces. It was his belief to making sure that people matter that attracted Bottorff, Friedman and Leach to join him in this endeavor. Madden believes that Evergreen Healthcare is the right step into the future of healthcare.