Why End Citizens United Is Pushing For Constitutional Ammendment

The Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United versus F.E.C changed the American elections landscape drastically. That decision gave birth to the idea that corporations are like people. Now there is little accountability if any at all, the money being spent is unlimited and its sources can not be traced to the last dollar.

End Citizens United is a group that launched in 2016 and is dedicated to campaign finance reforms. The group plans to be a big player in the mid term elections in 2018, and has plans to share tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates. The group had raised $4 million from small donors and is on track to bring in around $ 25 million to $30 million. Its core goal is to influence a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. In its first month, the group had managed to get 325,000 people to sign the end Citizens United petition and is demanding that Congress pass the legislation.

The group knows that they need more than a million signatures to sign the petition. To achieve this, they have teamed up with the ‘Ready for Hillary’ movement which has four million followers. If these followers sign the petition, End United Citizens will have the numbers. The bill is an amendment bid that has a lot of backing and support. Super PACs have muddied the elections with their billions being channeled to politics. It is time to get legitimacy back into politics and get morals back into our political arena.

The group was established on 1st March 2015, and it has been fighting tirelessly to fix the rigged political system. Electing campaign finance reform champions is where the journey starts, passing state ballot measures and bringing the issue onto a national platform to shed light on the matter. The route to achieving this won’t be easy. It is an uphill battle, but the reward is worth the struggle.

America was founded on principles of hard work and fighting for what one supports. The efforts to overturn the 2010 ruling must start from the grassroots. It has been a while since the country passed a constitutional amendment; no amendment has been done since 1992. It is now time for a change. The group chose to back Democrats and not Republicans as they are leading the fight. Most stakeholders across the board believe that too much dirty money from sources like the Koch Brothers has made its way into politics. The choice has not stopped Republican leaders in Congress from standing firmly against overturning the Supreme Court decision.

There are people who claim that the task that the PAC is trying to perform is a little bit beyond what they can achieve. The CEO of the group says that while they understand the odds stacked against them, they firmly believe that it is possible to change what is ailing the system.

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