Depression Solutions at Neurocore Brain Performance Center

Major depression affects over 6.7 percent of adults annually. The condition is prevalent among women and presents mainly among adults. More than 70% of people who undergo depression do not seek help. This is mainly because of the stigma associated with mental health and depression. Apparently, depression is a serious medical condition as opposed to personal weakness and can holistically be treated regardless of the cause.

Additionally, depression can present in a personal without obvious external factors. Stressful life, unemployment, death, financial problems and sexual abuse are among the main causes of depression. Research also demonstrates that depression may result from biological factors such as genetics.

Persistent Depression Disorder make a person to experience daily depression which presents for a long period. Postpartum depression on the other hand commences after childbirth and can last for a year or so. Finally, Seasonal Affective Disorder happens regularly for instance during winter or with little sunlight.

Depression signs and symptoms greatly vary between persons. A case in point is numbness, emptiness and persistent sadness. Irregular sleeping patterns, change or lack of interest in prevalent activities and prompt weight loss or gain are also major indicators of depression.

Depression directly affect the physical body resulting to symptoms such as headaches, general tension, short breath and stomach problems. Depression is highly associated with many cases of suicide. Numb symptoms and hopelessness often make people resolve for death as the only solution. One case study demonstrates that 42,773 people in the United States committed suicide in 2014. In general, makes a person less productive at the workplace as well as in the families.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center Experience solely use technology to diagnose and treat their clients. Comprehensive assessment results obtained are exclusively used to enable the client train their brains through personalized programs. Diagnosis carried out in this center include heart rate, breathing and brain wave analysis.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses the brain map obtained from validated diagnostic test to offer proper remedies. The center repetitively engage their clients in positive reinforcement and neurofeedback sessions with the primary goal of training the brain to become more efficient and work better.

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