Could the Economy be Doing TOO Well? Ask Nick Vertucci!

The housing market is steadily inclining and the state of California isn’t letting up. In areas like LA, San Francisco, and many more, affordability is going out the window, as the median cost of a house is around $500,000. Nick Vertucci’s career and life has been devoted to predicted what the housing market is headed towards and reports that this booming market won’t last forever. With the high prices of living, comes with the high numbers of people living on the streets. State politicians want to act on this, and come up with more affordable housing. Cities and commmunities in California don’t like this idea. They don’t want to be told how or what to build around their cities. As the government was becoming more and more frustrated about the overly high housing market, things were looking bright eyed and bushy tailed for the housing market, with soaring rates of employment, tax revenue and overall growth. But there is that fear of having too much of a good thing- and that;s what Nick Vertucci has tried to point out to these California cities.

Nick Vertucci is a man of many talents. He is a retired police officer who turned to being a real estate entrepreneur. He also mentors and guides and teaches others how to flip an estate to make you millions. The “Flip WIth Nick” systems motto is quick and easy for you and for your bank account. Nick Vertucci uses his own personal experience, from going from nothing to something, using the market in his favor. The rating of Nick Vertucci is pretty exceptional, considering how sticky it can be to make everyone happy in their house flipping ordeals. From building an empire by himself and teaching others to do the same, he is the best player in this housing market game.

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