ClassDojo is Innovation in Action for Educators

ClassDojo provides an amazing way for everyone in the educational process to stay connected and it brings about clear communication which is a key component for quality outcomes. This communication app provides multiple channels for parents, teachers, and students to interact. This powerful tool enables teachers to create an incredible classroom as everyone connects with each other.

The one size fits all notion is inimical to ClassDojo as they strive to help parents, teachers, and students create the right learning environment for them. Every situation is unique and ClassDojo offers the flexibility for classrooms to develop and grow according to their circumstances.

Photos, videos, and messages are how ClassDojo connects everyone. Parents can connect each day to see what their child is up to in class and it gives them a feeling of being part of the team.

The Classroom function is how the classroom culture is constructed. Students and teachers choose values to focus on, such as creativity or teamwork and are able to give feedback to one another.

The Stories function is updated streams of pictures and videos that parents can access and in so doing become a part of the process. The School Story mode enables leaders to share with everyone connected to the school. The Class Story mode is how teachers connect with families who are part of their class. The popular Student Story is how students tell their own story of how and what they are learning.

The Messages function is another innovative way that ClassDojo is changing education. Teachers, parents, and school leaders can instantly message each other. Additionally, ClassDojo provides the hub so it’s unnecessary for everyone to exchange contact information.

The innovation that ClassDojo provides doesn’t stop with all of the aforementioned though. They allow original content to be accessed that can help students learn about critical things such as empathy. They have working partnerships with prestigious universities to provide content that helps students grow emotionally.

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