NuoDB: A Leader in Database Technology

The business of database technology has grown into one the most important technologies used by nearly every business worldwide. Since 2008, NuoDB has been a leader in database technology. Based in Cambridge, CT, NuoDB began as NimbusDB but changed its name in 2011. It specializes as an elastic SQL database designed for cloud applications. NuoDB is designed to perform faster as new servers are added and scales without sharding. This creates a nearly unlimited amount of information to be collected and then shared.

NuoDB has released ten different versions, the most recent in January of 2017. The latest version, NuoDB 2.6, added active support for Amazon Web Services functionality. This most recent version hopes to have an unlimited scope as Amazon is the fastest growing web services database in the world. The future looks bright at NuoDB, as they continue to expand and create faster and better technologies in database management.

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