EOS – Fun, Fun, Fun! The Harp – A Symbol of Ireland and the EOS Product – A Symbol of True Beauty

Did you know that the Irish word for “Harp” is “Clàrsach”? For this beautiful and uniquely special instrument has its deep roots and origins within Ireland itself. Unbeknownst to many outside nations, it is the emblem of Ireland and the nation’s pride and joy. Now, how does this funny story connect to lip balm products – and more importantly, those of EOS? You’ll see.

First, as a national symbol displayed on certain seals, passports, flags, documents, coins and universities, there is much respect for the harp from within its residents. Time and history have apparently lost the original, actual date and occurrence of the harp though many claim the harp to have gone as far back as Creation. Interestingly enough, the original lip balm products were found to originate at a very similar date – what’s funny is that they were extremely messy yet highly popular and sought by many in their time, much like the harp, see more. Though the new EOS flavors and products are as intensely popular, if not more, sellers have thankfully managed to remove the more messy and imperfect qualities, giving you a flavor that sticks and a rich history of where the product comes from – its history. Check out the latest fashion video here on youtube.com.

I have been blessed to travel across numerous cities, countries, continents and shores: I have been on several islands, cruises, excursions, hostels and hotel adventures, roundtrip and international long-haul flights and even all-inclusive resort vacations; I have even been to Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, but there is one thing I have not found thus far in all my excursions, adventures, history lessons and personally humiliating experiences – an EOS roll-on balm product or flavor that I did not like.

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