Cassio Audi Delves Into Brazilian Financial Management to Assist Brazilians in Investing

Cassio Audi is fondly known as a Brazilian investment manager. His music history is barely known but recalled by many who were around when he made a strong music profile as a drummer for Viper. Audi was among the founding fathers of Viper. This was in 1985. He was an active musician until 1989. He closely worked with Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado as well as Andre Machado in advancing the music career. These Brazilian teenagers were highly influenced by an emerging British band called Iron Maiden. As the drummer, Audi was reportedly instrumental in the band.


In 1985, Viper made a hit by recording an album called The Killera Sword. Cassio was still the drummer. The tracks in this album included Nightmare, Killera, and Signs of the Night. The group later landed on Soldiers of Sunrise as a hit that sold the music band to Brazilians. Being passionate about music production, he continued to participate in the band even after releasing Soldiers of the Sunrise. He played the drums until 1987. The album was a reflection of how committed and talented the group was. Through the skills of the team, Brazilians found a platform to have fun. Fans adored the skills of the five team members who had amazing lyrics.


Audi left Viper in 1989. He did not participate in the second album recording that featured Theatre of Fate. Cassio joined campus and focused on the economic state of Brazil. Currently, Cassio Audi is an investment manager. With over two decades in the finance sector, Cassio understands the ropes of investment in Brazil. He has garnered experience in startups, private and public companies. Over the years, he has contributed to the start of many businesses. He is prominent for promoting many businesses through his talent and expertise. Cassio’s primary focus is assisting Brazilians in investing.

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