Wengie Introduces Some Lifesaving Hacks

Wengie has some lifesaving hacks that can turn you into another MacGyver. You remember the television character who could take unlikely things and turn them into lifesaving devices. Here are some of Wengie’s ideas.


Suppose you can’t start your car and your phone battery is also dead. You can charge your cell phone with a car charger. All you need is a nine-volt batter and some house keys. Take one side of the battery and touch it to the car charger. Take the other side of the car battery and place a the end of the key there. Press the car charger and the key down and the light on the car charger should light up. Next, plug your phone into the car charger and it should charge up your cell phone.


If you’re in a place where finding a source of drinking water is a problem for you, you can make a water filter. If all you have is water from a creek or a pond, it’s possible to filter the water and make it pure to drink. Make sure you bring along a piece of cloth and two glass jars. Fill one of the containers with the dirty water and be sure to place the jar on something that is elevated. Place the empty container beneath it on a slightly lower level. Place one end of the cloth in the dirty water and the other end in the empty container. The water from the water from the elevated jar should slowly transfer the water into the lower container, trapping the debris in the cloth. It makes sense to boil the water before drinking it because it might be contaminated.


Another way to get water is by making a rain catcher. In most cases, rainwater is one of the safest kinds of water to drink. Cut off the bottom a plastic water bottle and then cut four strips into it, placing the mouth of the bottle into another receptacle like a larger bottle and wait for the rain. These ideas and more can be found in this fun video.



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