UKV PLC Helps Customers Navigate the Wine Market

UKV PLC is a wine brokerage and consultancy specializing in guiding individual investors through the wine market. The brokerage uses their experience and expertise to help their customers learn more about the market and choose the most appropriate wine as an investment or for an event. Based in Croydon, Surrey, it also maintains an office in central London for greater convenience.

Because UKV PLC is a brokerage, they are not limited to any single brand or type of wine or champagne. On the contrary, they can help you access most segments of the wine market, even making it possible to purchase obscure or hard-to-find wines. UKV PLC acts on behalf of both private customers and retailers and offers brokerage services on a UK-regulated bond.

UKV PLC can also arrange for storage services. Using an industry-standard bond service, the company ensures that wines held by their customers are protected from the elements in the proper fashion. The cost of storage is a very reasonable £10-12 per year, and insurance is also available on wines kept in the warehouse with limited and full coverage options.

The company also offers a full catalog of vintages on its website. Once a customer makes a purchase through UKV PLC, the wine is held in the client’s bonded account, and the company no longer has any access or control of the wine. UKV PLC recommends holding a wine for at least five years if purchasing an investment to give the wine a chance to appreciate over time.

As emerging economies grow, demand for fine wines will grow exponentially. For individuals looking to invest in the burgeoning wine market, UKV PLC can recommend the perfect opportunity.

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