Chris Burch Applies Imagination To His Businesses

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. Currently, he is the CEO of this company. Chris Burch expresses his vision by applying imagination, being creative, and providing support and scale. This leads to disruptive brands as well as businesses. These tend to have a direct and positive impact that lasts on consumers’ lives for a long time.


Chris Burch believes that fashion and technology go together. They are both changing all the time. Hence they should both work in sync. In fact, even the fashion designers, as well as the technological innovators, are realizing this and making good use of this thinking.


Bikers do not like to wear their protection equipment as it is not fashionable enough. This is why fashion designers have come up with the idea of airbags that can be worn around the neck and look fashionable enough too. The helmets worn by bikers impact their vision. These airbags take care of that issue too. Besides, in the case of an impact, these airbags open up and save the skull of the biker. Hence this is a beautiful example of fashion and technology moving together.


During the 70s, people started carrying their music with them. It is never fashionable or convenient to carry along something that is big or bulky. Hence smaller versions came in the form of a Walkman. This was soon replaced by the iPod. This way technology had to keep pace with fashion.


The popularity of Google Glass was bound to get impacted as there is a social stigma attached to wearing glasses. These give that geek look which people are not very fond of. Hence it would be impacting Google Glass too. This is why fashion designers came to the rescue. They decided to make it look trendy and fashionable to wear glasses by making their models wear it on the ramp!




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